Kentucky’s Bright Educational Future

The power of postsecondary institutions has seen a decline in recent years. For undergraduate institutions, degrees are more expensive than ever and are decreasing in value. However, the benefits of the acquisition of a degree are still undeniable. Over a lifetime, Kentucky residents with a bachelor’s degree make $1 million more than their high counterparts. 

This increase in income does wonders both for the individuals with the degree and the economy they live within. Kentucky is a state which has noticed this and taken it upon itself to increase postsecondary education rates. Of course, a four year bachelor’s degree isn’t the only option available for education. So Kentucky’s goal isn’t to have more degrees awarded, but to increase the acquisition rate of any postsecondary credential.

In practice, the state of Kentucky has implemented several changes to reach this end. For low income students, Kentucky has started creating programs to help students meet their basic needs. For struggling students, Kentucky has made gateway courses a more important and accessible part of post secondary institutions. And for those that are unhappy, Kentucky has started implementing transfer pathways that keep students on track.

Of course these are just three of the many changes that are being enacted, but already they’re working. Overall attainment rates are rising and degree acquisitions are up as well. Kentucky has a goal of having 60% of their population acquire some form of postsecondary credential by 2030. It’s a goal which is looking to be easily met. However, what comes next is what will really determine the future of education in Kentucky. 

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