Managing Effectively at a Male-Dominated Business as a Female

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Managing as a female at a male-dominated business is going to be far different than a more diverse office. Confidence is going to be key in any management scenario so fake this confidence if you do not possess it as of yet. Tech is a great example of an industry that has more males than females. There have been accusations across the tech industry that there are sexist practices and harassment runs rampant. This is true at some companies while at others there are far stricter policies to eliminate potential lawsuits. Below are tips to manage effectively as a woman in a male-dominated industry.

Banter is Different Than Harassment

You should not feel uncomfortable at any time about conversations going on in the workplace. With this being said, banter or trash talk is far more prevalent among males. A manager regardless of sex that has the ability to banter with employees can be seen as more relatable. If banter gets out of control you should state that something made you uncomfortable. Nobody wants to get into trouble and if a line is crossed address this directly. You are not in the position that you are for any reason besides that you are great at your job so be confident in this.

Perks Work

A manager that brings in new vending machines that have far better drinks or snacks will be viewed positively by staff. You could work in the marketing department for supplement used in bodybuilding. Bringing in vending machine services that have healthy options can be a huge improvement when compared to traditional unhealthy snacks or drinks. Being able to get a protein bar or a shake instead of a soda/candy will also help staff in terms of productivity. Unhealthy snacks and meals lead to crashes later in the day which is why there seems to be a lull in productivity around an hour after lunch.

Happy Hours Can Work Wonders

Taking out staff to a happy hour can work wonders as it can allow you to be seen outside of the workplace. This is not the time to drink too much as it should be used as a bonding tool. You might be strict inside of the workplace but getting to know staff personally can help improve your management of a specific employee. Depending on the business, there are companies that allow for the last hour or two of Fridays to be accompanied by a few adult beverages. This can be a liability so company happy hours outside of the office are far more popular.

Work with a Mentor

Working with another woman that has been successful in business can be helpful. This is going to be especially helpful if they climbed the corporate ladder in a male-dominated industry. Asking this person about specific circumstances is important as they might have experience dealing with this. A mentor for business is important regardless of sex as you should always have someone to model yourself off of.

Women can thrive in a workplace regardless of the gender demographics at a company.
Use the tips above to garner respect and motivate employees long-term. You are only as good to a company as the staff that you manage which is something you need to keep in mind.

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