Mint Mobile reviews: Customer Service

With any product or service there normally comes customer service. Customer service is a way for customers to reach out to the provider for questions, concerns, and problems that may arise. With cell phone service, it can be exceptionally easy to be met with problems. 

Mint Mobile has a customer service team that is willing to help. With Mint Mobile, you can head over to their website and click the chat button in the bottom right hand of the screen. (It will be an orange chat bubble with three white dots). 

The chat is automatically equipped with a “robot” that can provide you answers to simple questions that may have already been asked. When you first log into the chat you are asked whether you want to join Mint, refer a friend, or get technical support. 

You will click the subject that you want help with and it will direct you to other related subjects you can choose from to get your questions answered. However, if the robot cannot get your questions answered then it will connect you with a real-life, human representative from their customer support team. 

Once you are in the chat, you can rate the chat with a thumbs up (for good) or thumbs down (for bad). After rating, you can also leave a comment so Mint Mobile knows how their service reps are doing. 

If you look at the bottom of the website, there is also a tab for FAQ (frequently asked questions). There are many areas that you can search for questions. Each tab includes questions related to that area. 

The tabs include getting started, managing the mint account, plans and services, using services, and troubleshooting. So, if you didn’t want to have to contact a member of the customer service team, you can try the robot or head to the FAQ section. 

There is also a return policy and unlock policy for questions and answers regarding these topics. There are tabs for refer a friend, reviews, coverage, and more. So, it’s for certain that they can answer any questions you may have. 

If you’re also looking for answers on some questions you have, you can check the reviews, also located at the bottom of 

You can contact Mint Mobile customer service for anything you might need. No question is silly or unreasonable. If you have a question, thought, concern, or problem then chances are someone else has had the same questions or concern. 

Plus, when you contact customer support, they are able to track what they are having the most questions about and problems with, so they can make your service better. 

In order to contact customer service, you can call 611 from your Mint phone. You can also call 800-683-7392 or email them at

If you need any more information on MintMobile, check out the mint mobile review to get more information.

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