Out with the Old, In with the New: Randi Braun’s New Playbook for Women in the Workplace is a Game Changer

Women does it feel like you have been battling for gender equality in the workplace for decades? Despite some progress, there are still significant challenges faced by women in their careers. Why isn’t it changing? 

In her book, Something Major: The New Playbook for Women at Work, author and business coach Randi Braun offers a fresh perspective on how women can succeed in a world that often seems stacked against them. In this interview, we delve into the differences between the old playbook and the new playbook for women in the workplace, and how women can use these insights to create a more fulfilling and successful career. 

Q: Just what is the “old playbook”? 

The Old Playbook is that invisible, old set of rules all about “checking the boxes” on everything you needed to do to be successful… So why do millions of women who have checked all the boxes feel so unhappy? Nobody taught us how to get clear with ourselves about who we want to be, not just what we need to do, let alone bring that person to work with us.  

Q: How is your new playbook changing women’s lives? It covers 10 core competencies — from ditching perfectionism, to owning your message, designing your goals, reclaiming time, and rebounding when your plans blow up — that women can rewrite their own New Playbook on to lead with more agency and authenticity at work.  

Q: What are women told they should do, that simply isn’t working anymore?  

One thing we must rewrite the New Playbook on is our obsession with productivity. In my experience, I’ve observed that high-performing women commonly procrastinate inside their productivity for three reasons — they’re hiding out from making the changes in their life that would make them less overwhelmed, hiding out from dealing with their perfectionism, or hiding out from figuring out what it is they really want. It’s a lot easier to check down your never-ending to-do list in the pursuit of “productivity” than it is to start redesigning your work life or asking hard questions. The worst part is that in being “productive” we often forget that we need to be impactful — and those aren’t the same thing.  

Q: Why is reading your book life-changing for women leaders? 

For too long women have been taught that if something doesn’t feel right at work, it’s not work–it’s you. That’s just not always true. This book empowers women to start asking themselves the hard questions about who they want to be at work with tactical tools to help them thrive.  

Next Steps for Replacing the Old Playbook for Women at Work 

Ther old playbook for women in the workplace is outdated, and a new approach is needed to help women thrive in their careers. Randi Braun’s book, Something Major: The New Playbook for Women at Work, offers practical advice, inspiring stories, and a roadmap for creating a new kind of success that is both fulfilling and empowering.  

By embracing the new playbook, women can overcome the challenges they face, build resilience, and achieve their full potential. So, if you’re looking to create a more fulfilling and successful career, be sure to check out Randi Braun’s book and visit her website at https://www.somethingmajorcoaching.com/ to learn more about her coaching services and speaking events. 

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