Pedestrians are Vulnerable on Colorado Roads

In Colorado, the number of deaths due to roadway accidents has increased drastically. Colorado is a place where people live an active lifestyle and prefer to walk instead of using cars. However, the rise in pedestrian deaths in recent years is alarming, and the number continues to climb year after year.

Almost 13% of those who die in a motor vehicle accident are pedestrians. Drivers, passengers, and the government must take action to prevent such incidents from happening. In particular, the government released a safety awareness campaign that shows pictures of the items pedestrians left on the streets after they were struck by a vehicle. These efforts aim to remind motorists and pedestrians to take the appropriate precautions when on or near roadways.

Tips to help protect pedestrians

Pedestrians seem to have no protection against vehicles that can weigh over tons, and the impact can be devastating.

Colorado safety advocates advise pedestrians to make themselves as visible as possible. Statistics show that three out of four crashes happened in darkness. Pedestrians should make efforts to carry flashing lights, wear bright colors and walk in well-lit areas when possible.

Additionally, the number of pedestrians killed other than at intersections has increased. Whenever possible, it is better to use sidewalks and cross the street in a crosswalk. Always try to make eye contact with the driver to make sure they see you before crossing a roadway.

32% of the pedestrians who were killed in an accident were found to have a higher blood alcohol concentration than the legal limit for driving, making alcohol one of the prime reasons in such cases. To protect your safety, avoid walking on busy streets when impaired, take additional precautions and consider using public transportation to move around.

However, even following these and other safety rules is not always enough to protect a pedestrian if it happens due to negligence from the driver’s side.

Negligence of drivers can result in pedestrian accidents.

It is essential for people driving cars or any other vehicle to be careful and stay alert for the pedestrians. Below are some safety measures that the driver should take:

  • Avoid driving vehicles with speeds exceeding the speed limits in an area where pedestrians are common.
  • Do not drive when under the influence of alcohol, drugs  or any other intoxicating substance
  • Keep all of your attention on the road to avoid distracted driving. Distracted driving is when the driver is distracted due to some activity like using a cell phone or having any conversation with the passengers, eating, or any other activity during driving.
  • Yield to pedestrians using crosswalks and exercise caution when approaching areas with high foot traffic
  • Turn on headlights before sunset and during any inclement weather to better see the road ahead

“Everyone needs to do their part in making the roadways safe for motorists and pedestrians alike,” says pedestrian and car accident attorney Amy Gaiennie. “By taking the proper safety precautions, we can help protect pedestrians from the circumstances that lead to the majority of pedestrian fatalities.”

Legal support

In cases where the motorist’s negligence can be proven, the pedestrian has the right to claim compensation for their loss which includes medical expenses, loss of wages, etc. Hiring a personal injury attorney who has expertise in road traffic accidents is the key to getting maximum compensation.

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