Preparing for Jobs of the Future

Technology has become an integral aspect of nearly every workplace task. With this evolution of traditional work practices, there has been a need to adapt the way companies are run. Specifically, employers are looking for workers who are more creative, technologically savvy, and work well in a team.

With more tasks being taken over by artificial intelligence, there is less need for employees to work every day in the office. As a result, there are more employees than ever who work from home. Working from home can be a great way to improve the work-life balance, but it can be difficult not working with your team hands-on. This is why employers are focusing more on potential employees’ emotional intelligence, communication skills, and ability to work on a team to ensure that even remotely, all members of a team can get their tasks done.

With teamwork being an important aspect of newer jobs, it is expected that there will be less hierarchy in future years. An emphasis on teams and collaborations allow for more people to emerge as leaders, rather than one selected manager. However, a chief of work will be needed in order to maintain company culture and manage the changing workplaces.
To prepare for the jobs of the future, it is important to know the skills that employers will be looking for. On average, employers have been looking for applicants who demonstrate skills with visualizing data, negotiation, complex problem solving, and people management. Lean more about the skills needed for the jobs of the future and how work is changing in the infographic below:

Jobs Of The Future

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