Rachel Harow: A Special Woman Making a Difference

In addition to being an active member of the South Florida Jewish community, for years, Rachel Harow has contributed to the community in more ways than one. She has volunteered her time and contributed her talents to numerous institutions, nonprofit organizations and other important causes both in the South Florida region and beyond. In the Florida area specifically, she has devoted enormous time and energy to helping The Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County, as well as the Hillel Day School. But Rachel’s golden heart and selflessness go beyond helping causes that are located in south Florida.

Rachel has been a dedicated supporter of the state of Israel throughout her life and has made invaluable contributions to the country and to promoting the cause of democracy. Indeed, part of this stems from her heritage. As a proud Jew, Rachel has involved herself in a proactive fashion with a myriad of different Jewish organizations and institutions. But her love for Israel goes beyond her heritage, which continues serving as an enormous source of pride for her. 

To Rachel, assisting and supporting Israel is indeed a humanitarian endeavor thats value is incredibly substantial. A resident of Boca Raton, Florida, Rachel makes it  her duty to take trips with her family to Israel as regularly as possible in an effort to to show her solidarity with the country and its people. Rachel’s love for Israel started at a very young age. She went to a Ramah Summer Camp for 12 years, including on a teen Israel summer tour, which helped imbue her with the love for Israel she has today. 

When she first got married, Rachel pooled whatever financial resources she had with her husband to ensure their first collective purchase together as a couple was an apartment in the state of Israel. Specifically, that apartment is in the beautiful town of Modiin, a thriving community in the state of Israel. The family has made it  their mission and commitment to visit the apartment and its surrounding community nearly every year since the purchase.

Rachel Harow and her husband have been generous donors to the Friends of IDF organization, a cause very near and dear to their hearts. The organization seeks to assist and support the heroes of the Israel Defense Forces in any way possible. This help ranges from social assistance through various programs, to direct financial assistance. The couple have been generous supporters of the Friends of IDF’s scholarship program, where they help those soldiers who cannot afford the financial burdens of university tuition. 

In fact, at their son’s bar mitzvah which was held at the Western Wall, one of the soldiers whose tuition they personally paid for, was able to join them for the festivities. But Rachel and her husband’s love for charity and lending a helping hand in no way stops there. There are a myriad of Israel based organizations the couple supports. Those include Yashar Lechayal, Standing Together, The Helping Israel Fund and JNF. Rachel Harow ought to be viewed by many young women as a role model for how someone can make a difference not only on a local and communal level; but also worldwide. 

Rachel: On behalf of our readers, we wish to thank you for doing all you do to help mankind. 

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