Red Flags About Your Insurance Company and Accident Claim

When disaster strikes, people rely on their insurance policies to make it through. From hospital bills to monthly expenses and time off work, car accidents can come with excessive costs. Knowing you’re covered is at least one positive thing you can rely on, right?

Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. There are countless stories of insurance companies attempting to underpay the accident claims of their policy holders. Here’s how to spot this shady tactic that could leave you without the benefits you deserve and high out-of-pocket costs.

You Never Received the Police Report

Accidents small and large see local law enforcement on the scene. Those officers create a police report of the accident, usually determining fault and detailing what happened. This document is vital to proving your insurance claim and receiving the full amount of benefits you deserve.

Without one, your insurance company only has your word against the other party or parties involved. When that’s the case, they’ll choose whichever story benefits their bottom line over the truth every time.

Appraisal by a Third Party

An insurance company should always send a representative from the company to assess your vehicle’s damage. Sometimes, they use a third party to get the job done instead. This isn’t always a bad thing and can help save policy holders money on their premiums, but it becomes an issue when the third party isn’t reputable.

Unreputable agencies might not have experienced agents, or they could simply be making cash by helping the insurance company underpay. In these cases, the third party provides a damage report with a lower value than what you’re owed.

A Representative Wants to Record Your Statement

Always refuse this request. The representative will likely pressure you by saying your recorded statement is needed for quality assurance or that your claim cannot proceed without it, but both are lies.

There’s no reason for your statement to be recorded and you do not have to do so. The goal of this dirty trick is to use your statement against you, justifying their reason for underpayment. Admissions of guilt and offhand statements are what the insurance company is counting on.

Delayed Progress

The longer it takes for your insurance company to decide if the claim should be covered, the more time they have to come up with a reason to underpay you. Sometimes, they’re hunting for a reason to deny the claim altogether.

Stay in close contact with your agent, continually asking about the status of your claim. If you’re having a hard time reaching your agent, then you can guarantee the company is creating unreasonable delays and working to pay you as little as possible if anything at all.

Fight for Your Rights

Any of these signs should be immediate and enormous red flags. The best thing you can do is hire a skilled legal professional like San Francisco car accident attorney Dan Rose. Attorneys will investigate these disputes, put legal pressure on your insurance company, and help you fight to protect your interests. You’ve paid in for years, now it’s time to get the coverage you deserve. 

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