Remembering New York’s Favorite Fashion Moments

With COVID-19 impacting most major fashion events, such as New York Fashion week, it’s important to remember some of our favorite moments. In honor of the runways possibly opening up this fall, let’s take a look at some crowd favorite looks. 

These beautiful women are all serving – looks! First off, Fendi. This classic brand has taken 2020 by storm. The orange bag paired with the sleek rainjacket compliments the models’ silhouette and ties the whole look together. 

In the red, Ermanno Scervino is styling silver accents beautifully. The model is told to look very emotionless to really empathize with the jumpsuit’s tough persona. 

In the middle, Bluemarine created a purple dress that is to die for. The front sash was designed to match the peasant sleeve. It was definitely well represented in 2020 fashion trends. Many fashion realtors daybed big sleeves into their digital platforms and stock. 

Although cheetah print had only a little time to shine, Ashley Graham definitely rocked it. Animal print was a staple last year and tricked into 2020 for a few weeks. However, after COVID-19 hit, the party outfits took a turn for the worst. Dolce & Gabbana did a fabulous job with the styling, but it’s not realistic. Lastly, we have Moschino. This gorgeous model really brings out the details of this silk dress. The cotton-candy pinks empathize with the pastels that were very prominent in 2020 streetwear. So many designers tried to incorporate bright colors. 

Although watching the men and women who strut down the runway is always fun, sometimes the audience has looks that can really steal the show.

Never far from the cameras, the Kardashians pose in their stunning designer clothes. From left to right are Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Kris Jenner, and Cory Gamble.

Helen Schifter, a New York City socialite, wears a custom feather dress with a sleek mesh top underneath. Her unique black hair compliments here designer look perfectly.

Rhianna is always jaw-dropping. She’s wearing a custom gown at her Savage X Fenty show. She could wear anything and always be the most stunning in the room.

Finally, Sarah Jessica Parker wows us with this black dress. Once again, peasant sleaves make an appearance. The color of her hair really stands out against the black fabric and makes for a perfect spotlight moment.

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