Signs It is Time to Get Out of a Relationship NOW!

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Relationships take hard work over the course of time whether you are dating or married. With that being said, there are just some relationships that are not meant to work out. Fizzling out of relationships can happen after a few months or even a few decades. The lack of work on a relationship can lead to a couple drifting apart and beginning to resent one another. Getting out of a relationship is oftentimes the best decision as some relationships are just not worth salvaging. The signs are easy to see if you remove yourself from the situation and take a look at the relationship from the outside. The following are signs that it is time to get out of a relationship as soon as possible.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence occurs at a far higher rate than is reported as many people are hesitant to call the police. Alcohol is involved with a number of domestic disputes and in the era of Coronavirus people are drinking at home at higher rates than ever before. The unfortunate truth about domestic violence is that ending a relationship can lead to false accusations. This final form of revenge can label you as violent although you did nothing to your soon to be ex. Finding a domestic violence attorney is essential as they can help you navigate the court proceedings and hopefully lead to the charge being dropped/thrown out.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is far more difficult to identify as some people are master manipulators in relationships. A significant other that prevents you from seeing friends that don’t approve of the relationship is a telltale sign. Emotional abusers want to distance their significant other from family and friends that might be able to identify the abuse. Controlling people with finances or threatening to hurt themselves when they are broken up with are other signs. Look for these signs and verbal abuse if you do not follow exactly what this person says.

Rampant Substance Abuse

Substance abuse can impact any person whether they have an addiction or know someone struggling with addiction. Addiction can lead people to do things that they never would have done sober. Supporting a person that is actively trying to stay sober is one thing, supporting a person that has no desire to get sober is another. Do not enable a person as you could become codependent and this can ruin your finances, social life, and other areas.


Cheating on your significant other is the biggest form of betrayal that there is. The opportunities to cheat with all of the dating apps is immense when compared to previous generations. Signs of cheating vary depending on the individual as some are blatant about it and others are incredible at hiding this fact. There could be a chance your significant other is married if you met online. People that could be out of town on business might actually be attending to their family that you have no idea exists!

Not all relationships are meant to continue and identifying whether your relationship is worth saving can be tough. Enlist the help of trusted friends/family as they likely will have an opinion on the matter. Even with these opinions the ultimate decision is still yours.

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