Taking An Honest Assessment Of Your Health: Look At These 4 Areas

2019 is coming to an end in just a few months so it is time to start thinking about health resolutions for 2020. In order to make realistic resolutions you have to assess your health in a variety of areas first. A resolution to exercise daily when you are already on a strict fitness regimen is not going to benefit a person very much. A person that might eat very unhealthily swearing off certain foods can generate the desired positive results.

Do You Smoke?

Many people have heard about the respiratory problems due to smoking e-cigarettes on one news show or another. Vaping was supposed to be a healthier way to get your nicotine but this is now a large debate. People that smoke anything should quit as no form of smoking is good for the heart or lungs. There are plenty of quitting programs as well as support groups that can be a huge help. Getting out of the routine of smoking will also be difficult as people tend to have smoking wrapped up in their routine. This could be a smoke with coffee or during a specific time of the day while at work.

What Are Your Drinking Habits?

Most people know if their drinking habits are healthy or are bordering on binge drinking. Having a few too many glasses of wine once in a while is very different than drinking until passing out weekly. People should be aware of how much they are drinking so they can cut themselves off after a certain number of drinks. Alcohol has empty calories and can be very damaging to sleep patterns by interrupting REM sleep.

How Often Do You Exercise?

Exercise can make up for quite a few bad health habits depending on how often and how intensely you exercise. Your exercise routine should have some variety in it whether you lift weights or do cardio-based workouts. You should aim to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day or more on your intense workout days. There are ways to exercise without going to the gym like adult sports leagues or groups that run then go for a beer a few times a week.

How Is Your Diet?

Your diet is extremely important as with a diet that is high in nutrition and low in junk food, you can skip out on the gym keeping your desired body composition. The best thing that you can start by doing is that of cutting out soda and energy drinks as these might give you a boost but it is followed by a crash. Eating foods that are not processed can be a huge help as well. Your diet should be based around fruits, vegetables, and lean meats when possible.

As you can see creating realistic goals in terms of your health will require you to take an honest look at your current habits. You might find that you live a healthy lifestyle but there are a few things that you can improve. Not everyone is the same but improvement is a strep in the right direction.

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