Teachings for AI to Learn from Human Intelligence

AI is important because it has the potential to transform virtually every aspect of our lives, from work and leisure to health and well-being. AI can also enhance human capabilities and creativity, leading to new opportunities for innovation and growth.

Artificial intelligence is experiencing an upward trend in various countries, as many businesses are either exploring or utilizing AI technology. As demonstrated below, AI is being applied in different areas. For instance, in China, 58% of businesses are currently using AI, while 30% are exploring its potential.

While artificial intelligence is rapidly evolving, it still relies on human input and intervention to continue developing effectively. Creativity, adaptability, and judgment are crucial aspects that humans bring to the table when working with AI. 

AI systems require human judgment to make decisions about the information they present and how it should be used. Human intervention with AI helps to ensure that it  is used ethically and responsibly and that it aligns with human values and goals. 
While AI can assist in decision-making and streamline processes, it still requires human oversight to ensure that it is used in a way that benefits society and advances our goals.

What AI Needs To Learn From Humans
Source: Academic Influence

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