The Importance of Sleep

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The Importance of Sleep

Sleeping is very important and is needed for the body to function properly. Most people do not get the proper amount of sleep. This is trouble for Alexander Djerassi. Djerassi knows how valuable sleep is for the body and why people need to make an effort to get a good night’s rest.


If a person is not getting enough sleep they are going to feel tired during the day. They will have less energy and will be irritable. This can lead to mood swings and even depression. If a person is tired they are grumpy and others will not want to be around them. According to the Mental Health Foundation people that do not get enough sleep to suffer from a lack of concentration and are even 2 times more likely to commit suicide. The brain will not be able to regenerate and this will make a person walk around in a haze.

The Heart

Research has found that people that sleep less than 6 hours a night are 48 percent more likely to die from heart disease. These people are also 15 percent more likely to die of a stroke. Lack of sleep can put the heart at a huge risk and is very dangerous for heart health.

Unhealthy Weight

People that do not get enough sleep will affect weight. When a person is tired they are hungry and will often make poor choices when it comes to eating. The body gets hungry because it needs more fuel to keep ongoing. The body will need more energy and this often comes in the form of poor food choices.

Life Expectancy

People that do not sleep at night do not live as long. A person that sleeps on average 7 to 9 hours a night will live longer than a person that sleeps less. People that do not get enough sleep are 12 percent more likely to die early than those that get the proper amount of sleep.

Immune System

The immune system is weaker in people that are sleep deprived. The body does not have the energy it needs to fight off infection. People that did not get enough sleep were more likely to get sick than those that slept well. The immune system needs all of the support it can get and sleeping is one of the best things for the body


When a person is not sleeping well, they are not alert. This can lead to dangerous situations. People that do not get enough sleep are also a danger on the road. According to the CDC 1 in every 25 adults have fallen asleep while driving at least once a month. It is estimated that there are 6,000 fatal car accidents a year caused by people that fall asleep at the wheel. Lack of sleep can be dangerous. It can harm the body and will lead to issues with alertness and attention. Alexander Djerassi believes that a person needs to make every effort they can to make sure the body is getting the rest that it needs.

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