The Increased Importance of CI/CD Pipelines 

In today’s tech-driven world, the use of a mobile continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform has become essential. This platform automates the manual tasks involved in building, testing, and deploying mobile applications. This enables developers to deliver software updates more frequently and reliably, which ensures customer satisfaction and efficient company operations. 

The demand for mobile apps is rapidly increasing, with approximately 7.33 billion mobile users worldwide. Mobile apps serve various purposes, from entertainment to productivity, resulting in over 255 billion app downloads globally in 2022. This upward trend is expected to continue as society becomes increasingly reliant on mobile devices, driving a projected 17% to 24% increase in demand for mobile app developers by 2026.

To keep up with the growing demand, developers are delivering code to production at a faster pace. Sixty percent of developers report faster code movement compared to previous years, with 35% releasing code twice as fast as in 2021.

This accelerated coding pace relies on the capabilities of CI/CD to maintain efficiency. CI/CD pipeline automation relieves developers of manual tasks, allowing them to focus on creating improved apps at an accelerated pace. It simplifies maintenance, enhances test reliability, improves developer and customer satisfaction, and reduces overall costs.

The Importance of Automating Your Mobile CI/CD Pipeline

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