The Many Services Offered by the White Glove Logistics Provider

You may have heard the term ‘white glove logistics’ and are not quite sure of the meaning, or you may already be aware of technical logistics and installations that are labelled “white glove’. There are many sectors that require white glove logistics services and here are some of the essential services that are offered by the specialist white glove logistics company.

  • Asset Collection & Delivery – If a large company is about to replace all of their computer hardware, this would be a task for the white glove logistics company, who can remove and dispose of IT hardware responsibly, while also being able to procure and install new IT equipment, which will replace the old machinery.
  • Final Mile Delivery and Installation – When large technical equipment must be safely transported, installed and configured, this is a job for the white glove logistics firm, as they would have manufacturer-approved technicians who are able to move such machinery into position. Then they can configure the equipment and even test it ready for use. It is common for a company to require last mile delivery, as this often requires specialised handling and the white glove logistics provider has a wealth of experience, and most importantly, they are qualified to work with highly technical equipment.
  • Data Centres: Relocation, Installation and Removal – Data centres are essential for many industries and whether you need a new set of servers and equipment to be delivered and installed, or you are relocating an existing data centre, the people to contact are the white glove logistics specialists. Their team would be fully conversant with all the major brands and are able to fully install and configure the system, leaving it online and working as it should.
  • Technical Installation Services – There are numerous sectors such as healthcare, IT and banking that require technical equipment to be transported and installed at the new location. Things like ATMs, fitness equipment and very technical medical equipment must be carefully handled and this work must be carried out by qualified technicians who are familiar with the equipment. Here is an informative article on how to make your home more eco-friendly, which is a recommended read for those who wish to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Reverse Logistics – Reverse logistics involves collecting faulty equipment from the buyer and transporting it back to the manufacturer, or taking it to be recycled, depending on the client’s wishes. This often leads to recycling, when an end user is having technical equipment replaced and the white glove logistics company are more than capable of reverse logistics.
  • Technical Equipment Storage – If you have expensive technical equipment and are looking to store it securely, the white glove logistics provider is the company to approach. They can safely store your equipment in the right conditions, protecting it until the time comes to install or relocate the equipment.

These are just a few of the services on offer by the white glove logistics company who have the experience and the qualifications to safely carry out their work. If you would like a quote for a service you require, a Google search will help you locate the best white glove logistics provider in your area.

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