The Power of Collaboration: Insights from ‘The Path 365’

The Path 365 is a compelling, inspiring, and cohesive book that is unequivocally eye-opening and thought-provoking. Written as a collaborative piece that first began as a program that focused on coping mechanisms for women, The Path 365 eventually became a work of art that makes readers dig deep within themselves to truthfully find answers and meaning behind daily directions and intentions. Meant for everyone, The Path 365 by Suzie Newell can teach us all valuable lessons.


Collaboration is a powerful thing; when multiple people come together to share ideas, thoughts, and insights, not only can you gain a better understanding of a topic, you can also consider a new perspective. The beauty and wisdom that seeps from the pages of The Path 365 is insightful, thought-provoking, and articulate. This book guides readers through a series of beautifully-written ‘daily directions’ that feature captivating and deep questions that prompt readers to truly evaluate their life and their journey. So, what can we learn about collaboration from this book? Here are a few key takeaways that we can all learn from:

Gaining a New Perspective is Invaluable

  • The nature of collaborative work implies that you will have the opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas with at least one other person; in the case of The Path 365, the original intention was for women who needed coping mechanisms, but with the valuable addition of several other authors, the work quickly morphed into a book that appeals to everyone

You Aren’t Alone in How You’re Feeling-No Matter What You Feel

  • Reading through the daily directions and intentions is almost like getting to chat with a therapist; you know that the questions and prompts are brought forward to encourage readers to reflect on their personal journey and how they’re feeling. The nature of the content of the daily directions and intentions reaffirms that whatever you may be feeling, it’s valid. By working through the directions and intentions, you can accurately identify your feelings and speak to others about what you’re feeling

Personal Reflection is a Key Step Towards Growth

  • Perhaps one of the most important takeaways of The Path 365 is personal reflection. Without personal reflection, which can be encouraged through the directions and intentions in the book, we would never grow as individuals

Having a Support Network is Instrumental to Our Well-Being

  • Support networks are an instrumental part of everyone’s well-being; whether it’s family, friends, or a professional, speaking with others and sharing our experiences and feelings is a vital component to our well-being. It may not seem like it, but speaking with a support network is a collaborative effort; it’s a give and take that can help you to gain a new perspective or opinion

Surrounding Yourself with Likeminded Individuals will Help You Grow

  • “You are who you surround yourself with”; surrounding yourself with likeminded (and ‘other minded’) individuals can help you gain a fresh perspective and new insights

The Path 365 has countless valuable lessons about the power of collaboration. When we collaborate with others, we have the power to create something bigger than ourselves; what began as a ‘niche novel’ directed at women who needed coping mechanisms, morphed into a project that can appeal and apply to everyone. Find your copy of The Path 365 on Amazon now.

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