The Search for the Best Toys

Research has shown that toys greatly stimulate the development of children.  There are many different types of toys, including active toys, educational toys, and simple, cute, fun toys. One of the best place to find these toys is Hazel & Fawn. Every toy promotes creativity or physical or cognitive growth.  Most therapists who work with young kids use toys and play as their primary method of treatment.  This method has generated incredibly healing results. 

Many of the milestones tested for in the questionnaires at pediatrician check-ups are taught, practiced, and mastered through play.  Children automatically learn motor skills through the physical aspect of playing with toys.  Toys also promote cognitive skills such as improved memory, forming patterns, problem solving, strengthening attention span, and improved language and math skills.  Parents can even intentionally teach their children important social and emotional lessons through play.  A child can be taught to be gentle, caring, compassionate, patient, and generous by playing with toys and by using their imaginations. 

But what does any of this matter if the child has no interest in the toy?  Companies have discovered exactly what children of different ages want in a toy.  And parents have tested and assessed the likability of these toys with their own kids.  It is a true talent to find a gift for a child that they will absolutely love. Even people who have children of their own forget which types of toys children enjoy at which ages, and which toys are the best ones and which toys are left mostly untouched.  Most parents even find themselves desperately searching for the best toy ideas to give their own children for Christmas and birthdays.  Then there are gifts needed for nieces and nephews, and for our children’s friends.

Children develop so quickly that each year of their lives brings on new interests and abilities. For example, newborn babies have no hand-eye coordination and have a difficult time focusing their eyes on one thing.  As the months go by, a child learns to hold onto objects and can zone in on an object for an extended period.  Ask My Girl gives ideas for the best newborn baby products of 2020. These recommendations are based on the developmental stages. Babies love to grab objects, look at faces, and look in mirrors. They like shiny items, buttons, and silly noises.

One-year-old children are typically learning to stand and walk and mimic words. They cannot focus for long. They love to listen to music and fun, new sounds. One-year-olds like to stack and build and to fit shapes into the correct spots.   They are intrigued by animals.  Toy balls can provide unlimited fun for these little ones. 

Ask My Girl lists the best toys for 1 year olds that are in line with this age’s stages.  Children at this age are very curious about what is around them.  They want to try out everything that their moms and dads are using.  They love to clean and move around a lot.  One-year-olds are also beginning to learn their first words.  Knowing these typical stages can help anyone choose the perfect gift for a child.

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