This Lifestyle Coach Jamie Clarke Has A Secret On Why You Need To Create The Best Life For Yourself

What if you woke up one morning to find out you were living someone else’ version of success? How would you feel? Well, investing in yourself plays a vital role in determining the best life you want to live now and in the future. That is why you need to know yourself deeply. This realization will help you live in alignment with your beliefs and values, establish your own identity, build courage, find focus and direction. 

Jamie Clarke, a celebrity Card Reader, Lifestyle Coach, and Soul paradigm founder, helps her clients achieve healing and navigate their own unique spiritual journey with a charismatic and stimulating twist. She is helping them have the ability to shift their thoughts, habits, beliefs, and heal the very things that keep them from becoming the best versions of themselves. But what is the secret to becoming the best version of yourself?


What is spirituality? The meaning of spirituality has developed over time. Spirituality may be defined as the quality of being concerned with the human soul or spirit instead of physical or material things. Spiritual awakening is a very crucial factor in finding yourself. It helps you understand that having a human experience is much larger than you. 

Jamie experienced her first spiritual awakening in 2019. Her twin flame journey triggered this awakening. That is when she delved deeper into her spirituality. She went ahead to find her own spiritual advisor, who helped her navigate ways to cope with her mental health in the best way. Also, she continued going to therapy every week to start finding herself again. In the process, Jamie discovered that her purpose was to help others heal and create the best life for them. And guess what? Today, Jamie specializes in mental health and uses her own spiritual experience to bring healing to others. 

What Are The Benefits Of Spirituality?

Spirituality has many benefits.

  1. Brings healing

Do you want the healing of any form? Whether emotional or mentally? Spirituality can have a tremendous impact on your physical and mental well being.  Several studies have labeled spirituality as an integral dimension of one’s life and as a vital factor in health and well-being. 

  1. Align with your beliefs and values

Spirituality can help you be yourself by believing in the values that you live by. This belief can help prevent you from taking on the values and beliefs of others. It will also help you to stop conforming to other people’s expectations and way of thinking. Knowing your beliefs and values will help you live according to them. 

  1. Establish your own identity

Spirituality can help you establish your own identity. When you endeavor to have a solid foundation of yourself, you establish your sense of identity. And therefore, no matter what may occur in your life, you will always know who you are. 

There are times when you may feel distracted or even lost. However, if you are deeply rooted in spirituality, you can get back on the right path. It is true that without realizing your own identity, you can easily get lost. 

  1. Builds Courage

Sometimes taking an unpopular path needs courage. It is easier to follow the crowd than being yourself. That’s why this challenge of always being yourself needs courage and inner strength. Spirituality will give you the courage always to handle anything that comes your way.  

  1. Find Focus And Direction

Spirituality will help you stop conforming to other people’s expectations and instead be always yourself. Remaining loyal to yourself will help you remain focused and know which direction to accomplish your goals. 


Jamie has a TikTok Channel where she talks about spirituality, manifestation tools, mental health topics, and tarot readings. Therefore if you want to create the best life out for yourself, it would help if you connect to Jamie Clarke. To have the best life for yourself in a world that is persistently trying to make you someone else is the most outstanding achievement. 

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