Tips On How To Dispose Of Your Medical Wastes

When you own a healthcare facility, it is important to consider how to properly dispose of medical wastes. This will ensure that the safety and health of the patients, staff, and visitors. With the waste being produced every day, the healthcare office must be prepared at all times. If not, something can go wrong during any phase of the disposal process. 

In this article, learn the overview of how to keep your facility clean, safe, and organized at all times. 

Hire Professionals

If you do the process yourself and something goes wrong along the process, then you might face consequences in the end. Indeed, the regulations being implemented by the government regarding who has the authority to remove medical waste is very strict. You must pack the medical waste in leak-proof containers so it will meet the specific drop and puncture tests. To have some peace of mind on your medical waste disposal, hire a team of professionals instead. You can check the internet or ask colleagues for recommendations. 

Disposing Different Medical Waste Types 

In the disposal of medical wastes, there are different methods to try as not all the medical wastes are the same.

Make sure to separate the different medical waste types. The infection waste is on red bags or containers. The hazardous wastes go into black containers. The sharp wastes go into puncture-resistant containers with a biohazard symbol. The radioactive wastes go into shielded containers with a radioactive symbol. Finally, the general municipal waste goes into the shredding and trash bins. 

Incineration is typically used for pharmaceutical and pathological wastes and it is never used for plastics. Meanwhile, autoclaving is used for sharps, infectious wastes, and other types of hazardous wastes. Microwaving is being used as an alternative for autoclaving. It is used for treating sharps, infectious wastes, and other hazardous wastes. 

For liquid and chemical wastes, it is the chemical treatment that is being used. Finally, for an experimental and rarely-used method for treating infectious and hazardous organisms, it is the experimental method that the companies use. 

So it is vital to choose the right disposal method.

Fix the Storage 

When it comes to medical waste disposal, you do not want to see some clutter around your establishment. As such, make sure that the container is properly labeled. This is because anything that touches medical waste will become a medical waste too. It is also necessary to set up a system so you can prevent contamination. If you are not sure, you can ask help from the experts so you can be guided with your waste disposal. 


In sum, handling hazardous waste is a job for the professional. This is the reason why a reputable waste disposal company would usually team up with the local facilities. Every day, medical professionals produce medical wastes within their own offices and hospitals awaiting pick up. With this information, healthcare providers must know how containers should be treated before pick up is made. 

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