Tips on Planning Your Funeral In Advance

Introduction: Importance of Planning Your Funeral

When people plan for major life events, they generally overlook funerals because it’s something darker that people don’t like to dwell on. Rather, people want to focus on the happier times like weddings, graduations, retirements, and more. Although those are important, there’s nothing more important than planning your funeral. That’s because it’s a celebration that’s all about you. It’s how you leave the world, and it’s what people remember you by. Here are some reasons to plan and tips for arranging a funeral for yourself.

You Should Have the Final Say

When it comes to a funeral, you deserve to have the final say. Unfortunately, you can’t do that when you’re dead. That’s why it’s important to plan your funeral right now. None of us know when our last day is and that’s why it’s key to be prepared. We plan our life insurance, we write up a will, and we make sure our loved ones are taken care of in our death. What about what you want? Take the time to sit down and write down everything that you want and need at your funeral. When you’re done, give these trusted documents to a loved one that you trust to carry out your final wishes. This ensures that your funeral is a direct reflection of who you were when you were alive. If you don’t do this, you might end up with a funeral that isn’t about you at all.

Choosing the Right Funeral Home

The first decision you need to make is where your funeral will be held. Most people choose a church or a funeral parlor. Although, funerals in different parts of the world can be held anywhere including streets, by the sea, crematoriums, and more. It all comes down to what you personally want. If you’re someone who is religious, then chances are that you’ll want a funeral held in a church. Do you have one that holds a special place in your heart? Perhaps it’s where you were baptized, married, and confirmed. If you want to carry the tradition, choose that one. Do you have a pastor you’ve always loved that you want to say final words? Those are important things to make known. Otherwise, you can choose to have a funeral in a parlor. Perhaps there’s a place you’ve seen that you always thought was beautiful. Even though you’re not alive, you should choose a place that is a direct reflection of you. It should make your guests comfortable and remind them that you’re still with them.


People generally don’t consider colors when planning a funeral. Most people who attend wear black because that’s a tradition. Most people default to tradition even though they may know that your favorite color was yellow. Before you die, make it known if you want something other than black worn at your funeral. Do you want a rainbow to symbolize life after death? Do you want people to wear yellow because it’s a bright color that reminds them that there is always hope? If red is your favorite color, make it known that you want people to wear that. Once you choose a color, you can also pick flowers and decor that will match. It makes for a well put-together funeral. Your family will also be grateful that you made the decisions for them.

Planning The Service Itself

A funeral service is the last time that people will get together to remember your life. You want to make sure that everything you think is important is talked about. This is why you should plan all of the aspects of your funeral from what readings will be included, what songs will be played, and which loved ones will play an integral part in the mass or ceremony. This ensures that you get what you want, your family members don’t have to argue, and everything goes smoothly. Now is the time to ensure that your favorite song gets played one last time and that someone who is truly special to you can give a reading of remembrance. Asking someone to do a reading at a funeral will show them that you love them and trust them enough to memorialize you.

A Burial That Matches Your Needs

After the funeral is done, you’ll have a burial. It’s also crucial that you arrange this. Make it known what cemetery you want to be buried at. Do you have a special connection to your hometown or do you want to be buried someplace you’ve always wanted to go? Do you have loved ones that you’d like to reside next to in death? Writing these down and telling your family your wishes ensures that they don’t have to guess. They’ll have a lot to do when planning your funeral. It will make it easier on them to have concrete plans of where you want to be buried. It’s an easy decision for you to make and one that’s important. After all, it’s the last decision you will ever make.

The Right Headstone To Be Remembered By

It’s crucial that you have a headstone that is a direct reflection of who you are and the motto you lived by. That’s why you need to decide what you want before you die. The best headstones come in different materials, they have different quotes and different information. If you want a quote, choose one which summarizes your life. It’s what people will read and remember you by. There is also the option to add a photo to your headstone. You don’t want your family choosing a cringe-worthy one. That’s why you need to decide which one you want to forever be remembered as. Sometimes, elderly people choose a photo from their youth where they feel beautiful. It doesn’t matter if you choose a recent or older photo, just choose something you feel confident in.

Conclusion: Making It Easier On Yourself

Planning your funeral makes it easier for everyone. If you do it now, you can ensure that you’ll never have to worry about it again. Once it’s finalized, it’s finalized. You can be at peace knowing that if you ever die, your final wishes will be carried out. Take your time to plan out all the details, even minor ones. Do research on funerals to see what kind of style you’d like, what songs you’d like played, and what venue you want. Nobody knows you better than you. Take the time now to decide so that you don’t have to put the pressure on your family or feel pressured if you ever fall ill.

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