Today’s Real Estate Market: How the Commercial Sector is Seeing Major Changes

The 2023 real estate outlook is ever changing, as experts predict a questionable future for commercial property. Currently, the commercial market is worth over $20 trillion, making it obvious that the current state is strong and stable. However, buying opportunities are arising left and right as distress and dislocation in markets becomes more common.

The perfect place to observe these changes is in New York City, as the Big Apple is home to 2,053,393 commercial properties. The most common types of commercial real estate are retail, multifamily, special purpose, industrial, hospitality, and land. With all of these possibilities for investment, some commercial real estate professionals have been selling businesses themselves alongside their properties. This method saves time, money, and effort for everyone involved.

These efforts make selling properties a one stop shop for buying a brand and its associated assets. Although there are obstacles to this method, such as market uncertainty, rising interest rates, and shifts in portfolio value, the trends still show the benefit of this bundling. Not only in New York, but all across the country, opportunities are arising for business and property owners; A trend that we will only continue to see development of in the coming years.

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