Top 10 Soft Resume Skills You need to succeed in 2020

It is a well-known fact that technical resume skills are an important aspect of a job-winning application. 

But apart from your core competencies, say soft skills are also crucial for recruiters to decide on your candidature.  

A set of skills that measures the ability of an individual to interact with other individuals in doing the given task in the most efficient and effective manner could be referred to as ‘soft skills’.

But why do you need to mention soft skills in your resume in the first place?

  • To pass the ATS test
  • Adding a set of soft skills relevant to the job position you are applying for proves to be beneficial when trying to impress recruiters with added layering in your resume

In this post, we will discuss how you can leverage transferable skills that will help you succeed and improve your resume:  


A working professional has to communicate with his managers, supervisors, bosses, and colleagues to carry to day-to-day operations and you can’t do that without having excellent communication skills. 

While being the most basic skill to mention in your resume, it can also be mentioned to showcase what you achieved in the past due to your interpersonal skills.

Describing how you obtained a reduction in product cost by 25% due to your effective negotiation skills at previous employment can easily point towards your excellence in communication.

Time management and organization skills

Before making a decision of hiring, a hiring manager always wants a professional with decent time management and organizational skills to always achieve targets within a given timeframe for both organization and personal growth. 

So mentioning these types of skills will showcase how efficiently you reach your set goals without compromising on the quality of your work while also maintaining a work-life balance.

Pro Tip: Make a time-table of your work shift and start with the difficult tasks first in order to always manage your time efficiently.

Teamwork skills

In the age of social media at its peak, any given task is present in diversified form and the perfect end result can’t be attained without genuine collaborative efforts of one or more teams.

As a professional individual, it’s not possible to work solo as you can’t know everything the completion of a task demands. 

So you must learn to bring the best out of yourself while maintaining a healthy relationship with your co-workers to perform productively.

Pro Tip: Engage with other teams and try to understand their work process in order to achieve a cross-functionality sense which can help in completing under lesser time.

Emotional intelligence

Gone are the days where people could just go to the office, complete work, and come back without getting into a verbal conversation. 

Building a healthy relationship with your co-workers is important to understand their emotions and respect them as a working human being. It’s not bad to expect the same from them too. 

Creative Skills

We cannot apply a written set of rules to each and every task and there comes a time when work demands creative ideas to complete tasks with less time and increased productivity.

Creativity is not a birthright but a skill that can be developed with time and every individual can work on their creativity according to their time and senses.

Pro Tip: Working on simple things like painting and or even learning to play an instrument can easily help you in boosting your creativity to a large extent.


Technology is moving faster at a rapid rate and adapting to new methods and technologies to perform old tasks is just outlined as moving with the stream for the betterment of yourself as a working expert and an employee.

Your adaptive skills prove your non-rigidness towards your work and how fast you adapt to your surroundings decide your worth as an experienced individual.

Pro tip: Always keep in touch with popular influencers of your field through websites or blogs to learn, understand, and adopt new ways of performing old tasks according to the latest set of rules.

Research Skills

While google has answers related to all world problems, hiring managers always want to hire individuals having capabilities to assess an unusual set of situations in truly strange scenarios without having accessible communications with any kind of expert communities.

Disciple and Punctuality Traits as soft skills

Every recruiter wants to hire disciplined individuals who can manage time and productivity while dealing with unforeseen circumstances and that where punctuality comes into play. 

As the quote says best about punctuality-”5 minutes early is on time. On-time is late. Late is unacceptable.” Punctuality traits of a working expert can help the organization in achieving its targeted goals not on time but early.

Critical thinking

Nobody wants to get stuck at a particular action while doing their job but that’s when critical thinking comes into play.

Assessing the situation rationally and acting upon it with a cool mind can really help you in achieving increased proactiveness at work thus resulting in early professional development.


Recruiters try to assess your competence by asking technical questions given in defined circumstances as they always need individuals with great problem-solving abilities and skills.

Hiring managers always hire individuals with critical thinking as those are the ones taking decisions when a problem hits the work floor before it even disrupts the workflow of employees resulting in decreased productivity.

Key Takeaways

The soft skills are also a great tool to pass the ATS test and a resume is undoubtedly incomplete without a soft skills section.

In this article, we have listed the best 10 soft skills you can’t miss to add in your resume and get ahead in the competition of impressing recruiters with just your resume.

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