Update Marketing Strategy for the Next Generation

Generation Z doesn’t relate to brands the way prior generations have. While they have favorable opinions of some companies, only 36% of those surveyed said they experience brand loyalty. This is troubling for companies because Gen Z has $143 billion in annual spending power. They also influence $127 billion of their family’s spending. If companies don’t have a Gen Z-focused marketing strategy yet, they need to make one. 

Without loyalty to brand names, Gen Z uses their sense of values to guide purchasing choices. 65% of Gen Z consumers research product origins before marking a purchase. They want products that are made ethically and sustainably; 73% of survey respondents said they would pay more for sustainable products. They value sustainability more than any prior generation. Another value that’s important to them is inclusivity. Inclusive ads are only part of the story; Gen Z also wants to see companies bring more diversity into their leadership positions. To get their money, companies need to do good for both people and the planet.

Once a company has messaging, it needs to post it where Gen Z will see it: on social media. Gen Z teens are online constantly at 10+ hours every day.

How Gen Z Relates To Brands and How it Will Disrupt Global Markets

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