Use Instagram To Boost Trade Show Engagement

Attending a trade show with custom trade show exhibits is a great way to grow your business, but it’s also easy to get lost in the shuffle. That’s why, if you’re planning to attend one of these industry events, it can help to build your digital presence first. These 4 Instagram strategies all offer businesses a simple path to engagement while simultaneously promoting your trade show participation. You can’t miss a moment when it comes to connecting with your audience.

Use The Hashtag

The simplest way to ensure that you’re connecting with other trade show participants before the event is by using the event hashtag. All business-related events today have them, and you’re sure to know what it is well in advance of the event starting. By using the event hashtag, you’ll also alert potential clients about your presence, build your Instagram follower base by indicating your membership in the community to others, and identify other companies and individuals you might want to network with after you arrive.

Document The Event

Instagram is focused on visual content, but to get the most out of it, you’ll want to provide a variety of types of content. There are several Insta growth apps, for instance, instaforce. However is instaforce legitimate or a scam, this is the real question. According to the review this is not recommended to use. Document the trade show starting with your travels using both traditional posts and Instagram stories, and incorporate location stamps, hashtags, captions, and other features. Instagram stories can be especially valuable if you’re walking the floor or if you’re participating in trade show events. Whether you’re seeing a speaker, attending a special event, or even going to an after party, make sure that your Instagram account is documenting that experience in real time.

Give A Big Reveal

One of the biggest challenges that small businesses experiences when attending trade shows is visibility. Sure, you can tell people that you’re there and even announce your floor location, but it’s crowded out there and it’s easy to miss a booth even if you’re looking for it. One way you can get the most out of Instagram, then, is by using it to provide something of a “big reveal” – for example, you can post your booth as a series of pictures so that it takes up a large swath of your main Instagram page. This can help you get more booth traffic by showing other attendees what to look for when they’re walking around.

Hold A Contest

Many companies hold contests at their tables during trade shows, even if it’s just a simple raffle, but why not combine your table with your Instagram account for maximum impact? Hold photo and video contests, scavenger hunts, or other interactive events that encourage people to come to your table and then post about it. You can also encourage people to tag your business along with the event, further increasing your visibility, and all with the potential to win a prize at the end. 

Instagram is a powerful business tool, but it’s often underutilized. As you head to your next trade show, then, use this innovative platform to take your audience on an adventure – and to invite them to join you in real life. Instagram provides an inside look at your trade show experience, and drives traffic in ways other social media just can’t manage. Are you ready to connect?

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