Water Filters Online: How to Maintain Your Swimming Pool

No matter the type of swimming pool you own–above-ground, architectural, infinity, natural, saltwater, and so on, maintaining it is necessary.

If you keep up with pool maintenance, you don’t need to worry about making emergency runs to the store to get swimming pool chemicals and other additives. Your pool will always be ready for use, and you’ll also avoid expensive hardware repairs caused by erosion or mineral build-up.

From checking pool chemistry to where to get replacement water filters online, and monitoring your pool’s structural items, read on for an easy-to-follow swimming pool maintenance guide.

Maintain Optimal pH Levels 

How often you check your pool’s pH levels depends on how often you use it. In the summer, it’s best to do pH checks once or twice a week. If you have plans to swim even during cooler months, but less frequently, you can do it every two weeks. 

The good news is you don’t need to hire a professional to test your pool’s pH levels. There are test strips and kits you can buy online or from a pool supplies store. Aim for a 7.4 pH level, but don’t stress if you don’t get that exact number. 

Between 7.2 and 7.8 is the safe pH range for swimming pools. Anything higher than 7.8, and you’ll start seeing scummy deposits on your pool’s walls. On the other hand, if the pH drops too much, your pool liners will be prone to cracking, plus the water’s more likely to give swimmers itchy skin and burning eyes. 

To adjust your pool’s pH levels, don’t just add more chlorine. Consult a maintenance expert for the best pH control method for your pool. 

Look Into Water Filters Online

One of the maintenance aspects of a swimming pool you can’t neglect is your filter system. You’ll know when to clean your filter when your pool starts smelling weird, when something is blocking your drain, or when your hose cleaner is slow-moving.

For most pools, filter cartridges need replacing every 3 to 5 years, but this is only a guideline. If your pool stays cloudy, even with optimal pH levels, it’s time to check water filters online. There might be damage to your filter cartridge, or it could be a case of just needing a bigger one for your pool.

Monitor Your Pool’s Other Structural Features

Rust and corrosion cause your pool’s sidewall to weaken. Don’t wait until this gets bad.

Cracks should also be on your to-watch list. If caulking the cracks doesn’t work, it’s time to hire a professional.

Other things to check include the protective barriers around your pool. If you’ve invested in an automatic opening and closing system, be sure that it’s fully functional.

Just Keep Swimming

Now that you know some basic pool maintenance for beginners don’t stop here. Go to your local pool store and ask for advice to help your pool last longer. You can also browse the web to learn about the best pool maintenance tips, including stores with the best water filters online.Did you like this post? If yes, feel free to check out our other posts. We have ideas for home improvement projects you might be interested in, plus articles on other topics like technology, health, and work.

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