What Do Renters Expect to See in a High-End Airbnb Property?

Airbnb is a global business, valued at more than $70 billion in the US alone. The United States has the largest number of Airbnb listings, at around 660k, with cities like Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Big Sur, and the Hamptons especially popular with renters. 

To be a success on Airbnb, you need to tick a lot of boxes. This is even more the case if you want to market a high-end property because your target renter is exceptionally discerning. If someone is paying above-average rental prices for a property, they expect to have an above-average experience. Here are a few of the things people will want to see in a high-end Airbnb rental property, irrespective of the location. 

High-End Furnishings

A luxury Airbnb rental needs to have high-end furnishings. Every item in your property should be exquisite. Consider your target guest very carefully, as this will dictate what type of furnishings you choose. For example, styling a beach house in the Hamptons is very different from styling a penthouse apartment in NYC. 

Decide on a color palette and use this as a starting point. There is no need to buy all designer furniture, but one or two high-end pieces will add the ‘wow’ factor. Everything else should be high quality and eye-catching. If it looks cheap, avoid it. 

Be careful not to buy too much furniture; you don’t want the available space to feel overcrowded. 

Luxurious Bedding

Anyone staying in an Airbnb expects to have a comfortable night’s sleep. Not only should the mattress feel like you are sleeping on a cloud, but the bedding needs to be luxurious. Go for something like Egyptian cotton sheets with a thread count of 200-400. These sheets feel the softest and are the most comfortable. Luxury hotels tend to use percale sheets with a thread count of 500 since they are soft but more durable. 

Always choose white sheets; they look fresh and new no matter how often they are laundered. 

Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology is essential for a luxury Airbnb. Guests will appreciate the convenience of a smart lock that eliminates the need for a physical key, phone charging stations for their smartphones, and smart thermostats to ensure the property is always at the right temperature when they return from a busy day’s sightseeing. A Smart TV should also be installed as standard in a high-end Airbnb. This lets guests sign into their streaming accounts while they are staying in the property. 

A Luxury Coffee Machine

On average, people in the US drink around three cups of coffee each day. Anyone staying in a luxury Airbnb rental will expect to see a coffee machine in the kitchen, but a cheap one won’t do. Assume that your guests are coffee lovers and invest in a high-end coffee maker. Something like a Jura Z10 or a La Pavoni Professional will hit the right mark. 

Finally, provide a welcome basket for guests that includes a bottle of champagne, some delicious chocolates, fruit, and essentials like coffee. The better the experience, the more likely guests are to leave you a 5* review. 

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