What Does a Man Think When A Woman Goes Silent

A man’s thought process at times when a woman goes silent is totally composed of interaction with them. One of the biggest complaints men have is that they think that a woman is good conversationalists, only to go silent when they try to meet them. This leaves the man wondering what he did wrong or if this woman is playing some game or being sarcastic. Here, you can know that men think more that a lot as a woman remains silent.

 What He Thinks When a Woman Goes Silent

A man will be thinking many things when a woman goes silent. He’ll be feeling a lot of things, too. But what he’s thinking is what matters most.

The first thing he’s likely to think is that she’s bored or disinterested in what he has to say. This is because women are socialized to be polite and compliment others when they speak, but men aren’t taught these skills as much. So when a woman doesn’t respond with a compliment or a word of encouragement, it can seem like she’s not interested in what he has to say.

It can also feel like she’s not interested in him at all. The silence may make him wonder if there’s something wrong with him or with the other person — or if they’re simply not compatible romantically.

He’ll wonder why she didn’t give him any feedback on his story or compliment his ideas. This will make him feel insecure about himself and his abilities as an interesting person who deserves another person’s attention and time.

 He Will Feel Less Valued and Less Respected

He Will Feel Less Valued and Less Respected

When a woman goes silent, he will feel less valued and less respected. He will feel like she is not interested in him anymore. He will feel like she is losing interest in their relationship.

He Will Feel Like You Are Not Interested In Him

When a woman goes silent, he will start to think that you are not interested in him anymore. He will start to wonder if you are still interested in the relationship or if you just want to be friends. He will wonder if you are losing interest in him or if he is doing something wrong that is causing this behavior from you.

He Will Start to Worry About Your Feelings For Him

When a woman goes silent, he will start to worry about your feelings for him. He will start to wonder if there is something wrong with your feelings for him or if there is something wrong with his feelings for you and that’s why you are going silent on him now.

 He Will Feel He Is Not Your Priority and You Are Not Important to Him

If you have ever been in a relationship and you have gone silent, then you know how it feels when your partner goes silent on you. It is one of the worst feelings in the world. You feel like everything is coming to an end and all those good moments you had together are now gone forever.

When a woman goes silent on her man, she may think that it is okay because she did not say anything wrong or there was no reason for her to speak up. But, in reality, it will hurt him because he will feel that she does not care about him anymore or that she has moved on from him.

Here are some reasons why men feel hurt when their women go silent on them:

  • Men want to feel like they are important to their partners, especially when it comes to relationships with women after marriage or engagement. If you keep going silent on your man, he will start thinking that he is not your priority anymore and that means there are other things more important than him in your life which can cause him pain leading to anger or frustration towards his partner.

 He Will Think That You’re Indifferent to His Emotions, Physically or Otherwise

When a woman goes silent, a man will think that you’re indifferent to his emotions, physically and even mentally.

He Will Think That You’re Indifferent to His Emotions

When a woman doesn’t answer him or is silent on the phone, he will assume that you don’t care about what he has to say or how he feels. He may even think that you’re not interested in him anymore.

He’ll Think That You Don’t Want Him Physically

A man’s ego is very fragile when it comes to sex and relationships because of his primitive instincts. If a woman doesn’t respond to his advances physically, then he’ll think that she’s rejecting him sexually and emotionally (which also means she doesn’t love him). This can cause him to feel unwanted and unlovable by his partner which in turn makes him feel anxious, depressed, angry and more insecure than ever before!

 His Ego Will Get Hurt, Especially If He’s The Type Who Cares About How Others Perceive Him

If he’s the type who really cares about how others perceive him (i.e., he has an ego), then his ego will get hurt, especially if he’s still trying to win your affection and hasn’t yet given up on you.

He’ll wonder what’s wrong with him as well as why you haven’t responded to his last text message or call. Maybe he thinks it was something he said or did that made you mad or upset. Maybe he thinks that by not responding you’re silently telling him that this isn’t going anywhere between the two of you. Maybe he thinks that maybe it’s because there’s another guy in your life who is better than him, so why bother?

And since guys take silence more seriously than girls do (even though they shouldn’t), they might overthink things until they either give up or become desperate enough to try to contact you again — even if they know deep down inside that it’s too late now.

 When You Don’t Respond to Him, He Will Think You Don’t Want To Be Around Him Anymore

When you don’t respond to him, he will think you don’t want to be around him anymore. He will think that you are not interested in him, and you have no interest in spending time with him.

He will also think that he isn’t good enough for you and that is why you are ignoring him. This is not true at all. You should never let a guy think this way because if he does, it will hurt his feelings, and this could affect your relationship negatively as well.

If there is something wrong with your phone or if it has gone dead, then there is no need to worry about this because he will understand it once he knows the reason behind it and that too without any explanations from your side.


Women speaking less feel like rejection to men. Have been rejected often in life, the man distrusts women and may get defensive. Do not let half a reply affect you. Rethink your motives for texting first. When talking to a colleague or a stranger, seek common ground easily.

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