What to Include in Shave Gift Sets

Almost everybody shaves. Whether it’s legs, beards or any other part of the body, shaving is something most people do on a daily basis.

Because shaving is an everyday task for many, we often find ourselves in need of shaving products. Razors wear down, shaving cream uses up and brush bristles shed. Therefore, shave gift sets are something that always makes a great gift.

3 Must-Have Items for Shave Gift Sets

If you are thinking of putting together a shave gift set for someone you know, here are some ideas of what to include.

Prep Scrub

A prep scrub can be used before shaving to allow you to get a closer shave. It works to exfoliate skin to lift hair so it can be more easily trimmed by the razor. Many of these scrubs also contain ingredients that provide the added bonus of hydrating skin.

Executive Handle

If you are buying a shave set for someone who prefers to use a manual razor as opposed to an electric one, a good handle is a must. Look for handles that are heavy weight and durable with an ergonomic grip to provide the ultimate in shaving comfort. Check out SGPomades for some of the best men’s safety razors in Singapore.

Razor Cartridge

To make the shaving experience complete, you will need to include cartridges to fit that handle. These are usually purchased in multipacks and the more the better.

Cartridges hold the razor blades, and therefore, they may be the most important component of the shaving experience so it’s important to look out for certain features. Stainless steel is a good razor blade material, and it’s pretty standard for most blades but there are also stainless platinum varieties.

Another thing to look out for is the number of blades on each cartridge. Blades are typically available in a range from one to six and some might think the more the better. However, this is not necessarily true. In fact, most dermatologists recommend getting cartridges with blades in the one to three range from a close shave with minimal nicks.

Do a little research to find cartridges that are durable, sharp and aggressive before picking one to include in your shave gift sets.

Shaving Cream

When choosing a shave cream, you want to find one with a nice, thick lather that contains ingredients that soothe the skin and protect it from irritation. NOW Foods Nutri-Shave Natural Shave Cream is recommended.

The NOW Foods brand has established a name as a leader in the natural food and supplement industry and has branched out to release a line of personal care products. Their shaving cream is designed to protect skin from irritation and ingrown hairs. It has anti-aging, hydrating properties and it won’t clog pores.

If you are thinking of buying a gift for a friend, shave gift sets can be just the thing. Adding essentials like a handle, cartridges, prep scrub and shaving cream will make a complete set that serves as a thoughtful, useful present. 

What will you be including in the shave gift sets you give your friends and relatives?

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