Why Can’t a Woman Be More Like A Man

Men are from Mars, the planet on which men reside with the surrounding planets and asteroids. Women are from Venus, the planet on which women reside with the surrounding planets and asteroids. Venus is a beautiful planet with its green landmasses and pleasant atmosphere. Venus was once a part of Mars, but finally broke off after millions of years due to increasing distance between them because of Drag. If you don’t know what Drag is, it’s the force that pulls two objects of similar masses together due to their gravitational attraction.

 Women are not capable of having the same desires that men have.

There are many reasons for this, but the most important one is that women do not want to be like men. They want to be women. Men are more concerned with achievement and dominance. Women are more concerned with relationships and their families.

Men want to go out and get a job and make money so they can buy things for their family or themselves. Women want to stay home with their children and be loved by their husband. Men are more interested in going out with friends than staying home with their wife, while women would rather stay home with their husband than go out with friends.

Men want to have sex with as many women as possible, while women want to marry someone who will be faithful to them throughout their lives together.

The reason why women don’t want these things is because they are not capable of having these same desires as men do; they are only capable of having a desire for something different than what men want!

 Men are more interested in working hard than having fun.

  • Men are less likely to be satisfied with their jobs.
  • In fact, they’re nearly twice as likely to be unhappy with their careers than women.

That’s according to a new study from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, which found that men are more likely than women to say they aren’t happy in their jobs or careers. The study looked at data from more than 10,000 people across different age groups and income levels.

The researchers found that 50% of men are dissatisfied with their jobs, compared with only 30% for women.

The study also found that men were more likely than women to say they feel underpaid — especially when compared with others in their industry — even when taking into account factors like education level and experience.

 Men are more sensible and don’t make emotional decisions.

Men are more sensible and don’t make emotional decisions. If a man wants to buy a house, he will sit down and calculate how much he can afford. He won’t just jump into it and take on more debt than he can handle. Women, on the other hand, tend to buy things they can’t afford because they want them so badly.

Men have better self-control because they don’t need things as much as women do. For example, if there is an item that is not on sale but it looks like the perfect gift for him or her, men will wait until it goes on sale before buying it. Women will usually buy the item immediately without thinking about whether they can afford it or not.

Men don’t worry about what other people think of them as much as women do which means they are less likely to be influenced by peer pressure or fall prey to peer pressure when making decisions in their lives. Men also tend to be more decisive and don’t care if others disagree with their choices or opinions because they know what works best for them personally rather than what works best for everyone else around them.

 Men can be more resilient and less fragile than women.

Men are more resilient and less fragile than women. They can handle more stress and pressure. They can take more risks and make more mistakes without worrying about being judged or punished for it. Men are not as worried about their reputation, what others think of them, or if they will be rejected by others. They have a lower chance of developing mental health problems such as depression, eating disorders, anxiety and substance abuse.

Men are more likely to face physical risks such as getting into fights and riding motorcycles without a helmet. Men are also less likely to develop eating disorders like bulimia because they don’t care about how much food they eat or how much weight they gain or lose.

Women are less likely to take risks in life because they want to be liked by everyone around them including their friends, family members and coworkers at work who might gossip about them behind their backs if they were rejected by someone else for having an affair with another man or woman who is already married with children who live together with their husband or wife in the same house every day for the rest of their lives until one day when they die together peacefully in each other’s arms after falling asleep together at night while watching TV.

 Men are the ones who achieve success in life and business.

Men are the ones who achieve success in life and business. They are the ones who are able to provide for their families, build successful businesses, and make money.

While women may have some of these qualities, they are not as prevalent as they are in men. Women are more emotional creatures than men and this can hurt them in business situations. While a man might be able to sit back and evaluate a situation objectively, a woman is more likely to take things personally and get emotional.

Women are also less likely to take risks than men. This means that they will not take on jobs or projects that have a high-risk factor involved with them because they do not want to fail or look bad. Men on the other hand will often jump at opportunities like this because they see them as challenges instead of challenges that could lead to failure if things do not go well.

Men also tend to be more ambitious than women which means that they will often seek out higher paying jobs or positions where there is a lot of responsibility that needs to be handled on a daily basis so that they can earn more money for their families or businesses if applicable or simply for personal reasons such as enjoyment or satisfaction from working hard.


Woman can only achieve these goals by changing their nature and becoming more like men. Women can handle education, careers, motherhood, and marriage successfully if they learn to be rational and efficient rather than emotional and disorganized. Women fall short of their potential because they aren’t natural-born leaders. But women can compensate for this difference through hard work and adaptation – at home, in the office, wherever they are.

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