Why Do Black Women Have Big Butts

Why Do Black Women Have Big Butts – Skinny Girls Don’t have Big Butts, Fat Girls Don’t have smaller Butts. These are some of the common myths about black women that are not true. However, there are real reasons for the relatively large size of their rump BUTTS.

Black Women Have More Muscle on Their Thighs and Butts Because Of Their Evolutionary Journey.

Black women are often praised for their curves, but they’re also criticized for them. The media has a history of portraying black women as curvy, large-butted, and thick-legged stereotypes. But those stereotypes aren’t just based in bigotry — they have a scientific basis in evolution.

The characteristics that make up the average black woman’s body — such as larger breasts, wider hips and more muscular thighs — are an adaptation to climate changes throughout human history, according to Debra Lieberman, an evolutionary biologist at Brown University who studies human evolution and sexual selection.

The first humans who left Africa about 50,000 years ago were adapted to living in hot climates with limited resources. In these climates, having certain body types helped people survive because they could store energy more efficiently than others could.

When humans moved northward into Europe and Asia about 40,000 years ago, they encountered cooler temperatures and new food sources (like grains). Those adaptations made it necessary for people to have smaller bodies and less muscle mass than before so they could survive with fewer calories each day.

More Factors That Could Have Played a Role in The Evolution of Black Female Butts

The butt is one of the most popular parts of the female body. It’s also one of the most misunderstood.

It’s a common misconception that women with big butts are genetically blessed and can thank their parents for what they’ve got. But that’s not always the case.

In fact, there are several reasons why some women have bigger butts than others. Here are five factors that could have played a role in the evolution of black female butts:

  1. Higher Estrogen Levels
  2. More Body Fat
  3. More Muscle Mass
  4. Higher Testosterone Levels
  5. A Different Foot Structure

There’s No One Reason Why Black Women Have Big Butts, But It Has Benefits for Them.

Having a butt is a blessing and a curse. You can rock the hell out of a cute little skirt or jeans, but you also must deal with the stares and nasty comments from people who make assumptions about your body.

There’s no one reason why black women have big butts, but it has benefits for them. The average black woman has more fat stored in her butt than other races, according to a study by The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Public Health. This fat is called subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT). It’s found beneath the skin, surrounding muscles and organs.

This extra fat is beneficial because it protects our internal organs from injury when we fall down or get hit by something hard, like a baseball bat or something else that could break bones and damage internal organs like spleen or kidneys.

Big butts also help us regulate our temperature by storing extra calories, so we don’t need as many day-to-day. And they help us balance when we walk or run because they act as springs when we move our legs back and forth while walking or running, according to Live Science.

Genetics Passed Down from One Generation to Another.

The size of our butt is partially determined by genetics, so the answer to this question is that black women have big butts because their ancestors did. This isn’t just about race, either: Many white women also have large butts because of their genetic history.

There are some theories about why this might be, and they all involve our ancestors’ ability to survive for long periods without food and water. The main theory is that larger butts meant more fat storage, which allowed our ancestors to survive when food was scarce or there were no food sources available. When you think about it, this makes sense — having a large butt would certainly help us survive in a pinch!

Another theory has to do with the fact that a larger bottom would give us an advantage in childbirth since it would make it easier for us to push out babies with larger heads (which was important back then). This theory is supported by anthropological evidence showing that hunter-gatherer societies often had wide hips and rounder backsides than those of agricultural societies who ate more grains and vegetables instead of meat.

Phytoestrogens Are Natural Chemicals Found in Plants.

There are a lot of factors that go into why some women have bigger butts than other women. Some of these factors are related to genetics and some are related to the environment.

Phytoestrogens are natural chemicals found in plants that work like the female hormone estrogen and are associated with having a bigger butt.

Black women tend to have higher levels of phytoestrogens than white women do, which may be why they tend to have bigger butts. This is mostly because they eat more fruits and vegetables than other races. There is no conclusive evidence that eating fruits and vegetables directly causes your butt to grow, but it’s possible that it could contribute to the size of your butt if you eat enough of them.

Black women tend to be heavier than white women, so their bodies would be more likely to store fat on their buttocks as opposed to other parts of their bodies like their stomachs or legs.


In the end, it’s commonly known that it is genetics that play a major role in the size of a person’s buttocks. Scientists have also found that African Americans have a greater range in their body fat distributions. This means that they are more prone to having big butts and obesity than other races.

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