Why Finance is a Viable Career Option for Women

Our minds cannot immediately associate women with having a career in finance despite living in a modern era. Men have dominated the job sector for as long as we can imagine, including finance. But as the world is improving, there is more sense of gender equality. Many job areas have covered the gender gap. Sadly, finance is not one of them yet. Talking to a few women in finance has told us that finance is not all about money; it is more about the relationship of human beings with monetary aspects. This makes them responsible for the community, its prosperity, and its happiness. There is no excuse for not hiring women in finance, nor is there any for women to not opt for a career in finance. Yet, we have collected for you the reasons that tell you why finance is a viable career option for women:

  1. The Gender gap in finance is an opportunity in disguise for women

Though the gender gap is not a thing to appreciate in any job sector, it can be availed as an opportunity by women. More and more industries are finding it difficult to answer for their gender gap in this world of awareness. Thus, they are trying their best to close this gap. So, if you are wondering why major in finance? You should know that despite the gender gap, there is a lot of space for you. You can make the difference not just to your life by pursuing the career of your choice but also to reduce the gender gap and bring awareness. 

  1. Women are better at soft skills appreciated in finance

Finance is a technical field that requires great focus. However, the business owners and people in finance continue to report that soft skills make a significant impact on the success of finance businesses. Most of the success of finance businesses comes from the soft skills of their owners and employers. Also, it quite known that women are better at soft skills compared to men. Research proves that too. So, do not shy away from a career in finance or, if you are an employer, from hiring women. 

  1. Women are the face of economic empowerment 

When a company has gender diversification, it is likely to succeed 15% more than others. The data shows that 85% of purchases come in because of women. They are the face of both women and economic empowerment. Twenty trillion USD is coming in extra in the business industry because of the presence of women in business. Finance is no different. The more you eliminate the gender gap, the more your business rises, and the UN confirms that

  1. Diversity and inclusion are equal to innovation

Diversity brings more to the plate. When people of different gender, race, and culture sit together for one cause, there are diverse ideas which boost up the creativity. As per Forbes, 83% of the innovation in any business comes from its diversity and inclusion. So, if you are a woman pursuing a career in finance, you must go for it. However, if you are an employer, you must make efforts to make your company a platform that supports diversity and inclusion. 

  1. Women in finance have a better future

Even before the gender gap in the finance sector faces elimination, women who want to be in finance are changing their lives. They are not waiting for the job they want. They are creating it for themselves and others. And thus, are building their finance businesses. So, if you are going to do something in finance, there are more options than you can imagine. There is no reason to let this gender gap in finance disappoint you and opt for a career you do not desire because the future is bright for women in finance. 


The bottom line is that yes, there are challenges in a field that is male dominated. However, with this fast-paced world, there is always a massive space for you and your heart’s desires. So, if you are passionate about pursuing a career in finance, it is a viable option if you have already enrolled for a degree in finance or are stepping in the career zone. 

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