Women’s Wellness Essentials

Today’s generation of women is more focused on health than ever. When we take care of ourselves, we enjoy increased longevity and a higher quality of life. Therefore, many of us stock our medicine and kitchen cabinets with food and health products that make us feel great.

The NOW Foods brand is a food and supplement industry that is known for providing superior health products. They were around in the 1940s, the time the natural health industry was just starting out. They have grown with the industry to become innovators in their field.

Here are some items in their product line you’ll want to have in the cabinets of your home.

Glutathione Skin Brightener with Ceramosides: This product contains glutathione which brightens and evens skin tones while maintaining moisture and ceramosides that moisturize skin from within. It provides a useful appearance and increased elasticity. It is vegan, non-GMO, and GMP quality assured.

Chewable Vitamin D-3, 5000 IU Chewable: Vitamin D is known to support the immune system, maintain strong bones, and promote structural support. Because vitamin D is not abundant in food, it is necessary to take it in supplemental form. NOW Food’s chewable formula is highly bioavailable and it has a natural mint flavor.

Charcoal Detox Facial Mask: This deep cleaning formula gently exfoliates skin and removes dulling impurities. Active ingredients like charcoal and bentonite absorb oil and dirt, while antioxidant rich superfruits rejuvenate skin. It has been analytically tested to assure a high quality, and it’s vegan and paraben free.

Organic Monk Fruit Zero Calorie Sweetener: A healthy sweetener is not easy to find. This zero calorie sweetener has a terrific taste and very little aftertaste. It’s great for beverages, breakfasts and desserts. It’s vegan, gluten-free, keto-friendly and non-GMO.

L-Citrulline Pure Powder: This non-essential amino acid works with other amino acids to get rid of ammonia in the body. In doing so, it supports protein metabolism and a healthy immune system. It is vegan, non-GMO, and GMP quality assured. 

XyliWhite Coconut Oil Toothpaste with Mint Flavor: This fluoride free toothpaste uses Xylitol as its main ingredients. This is a plant based, naturally occurring alcohol that makes a healthier alternative to fluoride. It cleans, whitens, freshens breath, and it has a great minty taste.

Organic Whole Raw Cashews: Cashews have a rich, buttery taste that makes them great to eat raw and unsalted. They are a terrific snack and a delicious addition to many meals. NOW Foods’ cashews are certified organic, non-GMO, and are a good source of fiber, protein and iron.

Orange Organic Essential Oil: Orange oil provides an invigorating scent that is great when you need a burst of energy during your busy day. Add it to a vanilla concentrate oil to make for a delightful blend that you can diffuse throughout the house. NOW Food’s orange oil is extracted from a fresh fruit peel to provide a pure organic experience.

NOW Foods provides a wide range of products that boost health and increase wellbeing. Which of these will you be using in your home?  

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