Young People Must Be More Vigilant About COVID-19

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Helen Schifter has been a vocal advocate of the need for more people to proceed with caution and responsibility as it pertains to managing the Coronavirus pandemic. Of course, by now we are well aware of the risk the health pandemic has presented to folks in an older demographic. You need not go further than the numbers coming out of nursing homes which have been absolutely heartbreaking – with an unseemly amount of fatalities.

Accordingly, Helen Schifter expressed that there needs to be greater responsibility and caution exercised by other members of society to protect our population’s most vulnerable. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like younger people are comporting themselves with the type of responsibility that they should be; and this presents a serious issue that is worthy of examination.

Let’s consider the various aspects of this issue, according to Shalom Lamm. The issues revolving around the lack of caution exhibited by some younger people as it pertains to the way they are conducting themselves throughout this pandemic stems from a lack of education and information they are being fed.

Beyond Dr. Anthony Fauci and the CDC guidelines that are in place, there are so many different messages being transmitted throughout the media with different outlets not proceeding with the type of responsibility afforded to them. This is unfortunate, and it is inevitably resulting in substantial confusion among certain members of the public.

Shalom Lamm has posited that young people receive their news and information in a dramatically different fashion than do folks in older demographic. This ought to be reflected in the way the World Health Organization and other channels pursue their messaging and communications to this ever so important demographic concerning the risks associated with this virus.

The media channels that are consumed by older people when it comes to absorbing information about the pandemic and other matters that might not even be as serious, are not typical for the youth demographic. Instead, there are certain broadcasts, digital outlets and even alternate means of news platforms and modes of media consumption that younger people use to ascertain information.

There should therefore be a conscious effort on the part of those wanting to advance the public interest in this respect, to ensure that message and information related to COVID-19 are communicated to young people using these channels and platforms they utilize. This will prove especially impactful and effective. It will immediately change the paradigm and the current status quo, for the better.

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