3 Key Tips to Buy the best Down jacket

3 Key Tips to Buy the best Down jacket

If you want to keep warm and cozy, you should go ahead and acquire a down jacket. There are different options that you can choose from, including packable and lightweight designs.

In this context, we’ll look into some of the tips that you should consider when acquiring a down jacket, and they include:

1.    Fill Weight vs. Down Fill Power

When purchasing outdoor gear, there are some specs that you may confuse, and they include fill weight and fill power. The fill power focuses on the quality of the down jacket, while the fill weight concentrates mainly on the down amount present in the jacket. Some manufacturers mainly focus on fill power. To avoid confusion, we’ll focus on what’s important.

When you choose a down jacket, the comparisons when it comes to warmth are easy. If the jacket has a fill power of 800, you can easily check the fill weight to determine which jacket is warmer. When the fill weights differ, you will experience some challenges as you check the fill power. When the fill power is low, it means the loft will be lower, and there will be less warmth for such weight. It is advisable to evaluate the fill weight and fill power together such that you’ll make an informed decision at the end of it all.

2.    Determine the Amount of Warmth Needed

The warmth provided by the down jackets usually varies. There are lightweight models, and they usually offer enough insulation during summer. There are also pieces suitable for winter, and they will provide enough warmth regardless of how low the temperatures are.

The different types of down jackets include:

•    Lightweight down jackets

•    Midweight down jackets

•    Heavyweight down jackets

3.    Packability and Weight

In the outdoor world, the weight of the down jacket matters. As for the down jackets, the numbers usually vary. On the lighter end, a down jacket can weigh at least 4.8 ounces. Most down jackets usually weigh between eight to 15 ounces, which means you may have a hard time determining the right size depending on your needs. Fewer ounces usually translate to better fill power, and the fabrics will have a thinner shell. The zippers will also be lighter. The lighter pieces cost more money as compared to the casual ones.

The weight of the down jacket will also align with the packability. In this case, the weight will be influenced by the presence of thin materials, a high fill power, even trim fits and feature sets that are simplified. Some down jackets have a stuff pack, and it comes separately. The only issue is that we can lose the stuff pack eventually. As you pack the down jacket, you should ensure that it is unstuffed to maintain the maximum loft.

Final Thoughts

We have listed three tips that you should consider as you acquire a down jacket. Adhere to each of these tips, and you’ll end up getting a down jacket that aligns with your needs. You’ll also get value for money at the end of it all.

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