How to Design Store Signage That Catches Attention

How to Design Store Signage That Catches Attention

Store signage is an important part of any retail store. It helps to catch customers’ attention and tell them what they need to know about that specific store. What people may not realize, though, is how much work goes into designing a sign. Many factors have to be considered before settling on a final design, which we will explore in this article.

Store signage should attract the eye because it’s often competing with other signs for someone’s attention as they walk by or drive down the street. This can make things more difficult than simply coming up with something aesthetically pleasing; you also want your message to stand out from all the others around it, so shoppers notice yours first! This requires creativity and skillful artistic skills, and a complete understanding of what you’re trying to achieve.

Store Signs Should Not Appear Cluttered

The sign should not be too cluttered, but it still needs a lot of information for customers to see the store’s name and any specials going on at that time. The nature of the business is important as well – if they sell children’s clothing, then pictures or drawings are appropriate; restaurants would use words instead since people who eat there have already seen photos online beforehand.

The colors used should also correspond with those found in photos from your website. Branding shouldn’t get lost in translation when someone sees your storefront from down the street. You may want to avoid using red because it attracts bugs rather than foot traffic!

Whatever design you choose, make sure it will stand out amid other signs – don’t be afraid to take a risk!

Add Some Contrast to Your Signage

It’s essential to have an eye for design and add some contrast to your signage. Ensure that the text and the background have plenty of contrast so that the message stands out and gets attention from your viewers.

You can add some contrast to your signage by:

Use a dark background and light-colored text. This will create contrast between the color and text, improving legibility.

Making sure the color of the font is different than the colors used in other nearby signs.

Add an accent or border around important text for more visual impact. Ensure that your sign still complies with any legal regulations concerning size, height, numbers of letters, etcetera. There are also ways to make your store stand out from others without having to rely on color alone – use words creatively!

For instance, you could have something like “Jenny’s Flowers” spelled out vertically instead of using individual letters arranged horizontally across the top as many businesses do (which can be difficult to read).

Use Shape to Draw the Eye and Create More Contrast

The shape of your store’s signage can make a big difference in how people see your brand. For example, a triangle is an attractive shape that can draw the eye and create more contrast in signage design.

Order matters as well; make sure to list the hierarchy of importance from most significant at the top (such as company name) down through less important categories (such as services offered).

Keep these ideas in mind so that your business has the edge over others who might make some common mistakes such as poor color usage or including too many different elements on one store’s signage without prioritizing which items matter most!

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