3 Rewarding Careers in Health and Wellness You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

With $4.2 trillion in global earnings, the wellness industry is a cultural phenomenon. It seems like everywhere you go, living healthier and longer lives is a bigger societal focus than it used to be.

With this trend and the amount of money in the industry, there’s plenty of room for more business and plenty of revenue to go around. If this is something that interests you, you can always go the normal route and start a business in personal training or weight loss.

But if you’d really like to forge your own path, try one of these three careers you’ve probably never thought of.

Alternative fitness

There’s nothing wrong with going to the gym for your workouts, and the concept is far from dead. But these days, people are looking for alternative ways to stay fit in addition to their regular routines. Many of them even try to fit fun and rigorous activities into their vacations as a way to exercise and learn something new. 

There are plenty of alternative fitness businesses that fit into this category. For example, if you live near an ocean, you might offer something like surfing lesson training or skiing. You could even combine these activities with things like meal planning, beach aerobics, or volleyball to make your business appeal to a wider audience.


There are dozens of ways to make money blogging, and in the last decade, it’s become a legitimate business model. Some people use it as a way to promote their businesses, and some use it as the business itself.

Health and wellness is right up there with the most popular niches in the blogging industry, so you shouldn’t have a problem getting readers. The key is to narrow your topic so that you can attract a loyal audience, and then find a way to monetize it. Some popular topics include women’s weight loss, hormonal balance, ketogenic dieting, and sports fitness.

To monetize your blog, you’ll need a good idea of what your readers want. First, your content should be informative and interesting. You don’t have to be an expert on the subject, but you must be willing to learn or hire someone else to write your blog posts. Then, you can decide whether you’ll sell products, use ads, or do affiliate marketing to monetize your blog. 

Products you can sell on wellness blogs range from fitness and nutrition plans to diet products. It’s even possible to sell vitamins and other wellness products with your own branding. In order to do this, you’ll just need to find quality supplements manufacturers that will let you private label their products. You can then market them on your website and set up a payment service for your customers.

Strength and conditioning coach

Strength and conditioning coaches are hired by high school, college, and professional sports teams to help their athletes maintain peak physical condition. They plan workout schedules for the entire team, as well as train them individually when needed.

Most people in these positions have at least a bachelor’s degree in sports and exercise science or a related field. The experience they’re required to have often varies with the type of job. For example, a pro athlete strength and conditioning coach may be required to have several years of experience, whereas one at a high school might be entry level.

It’s also a common requirement that people in this field obtain certification in strength and conditioning from an accredited association. However, this requirement will also depend on the type of team they’re working with.

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