5 Benefits of Using Penny Round Tile on a Bathroom Floor

5 Benefits of Using Penny Round Tile on a Bathroom Floor

When it comes to your bathroom floor, you want to choose a material that is water-resistant and long-lasting. Tile is one of the best types of materials to use for wetrooms. When choosing your tile design, consider penny round tiles, as they offer many great benefits.

1- Timeless Appeal

Penny round tiles aren’t anything new. In fact, they’ve been utilized for centuries to enhance the look of various rooms. They’re offered in a variety of color combinations that will be sure to strike your fancy. Even better, you can enjoy integrating different designs together to create a flowing pathway throughout your bathroom that draws the eye. When you use penny round tiles, you can be assured that your bathroom won’t look aged a few years from now.

2- Non-Slip Surface

Since it’s highly likely that you may be walking around with wet feet in your bathroom, you’ll want to choose a material that is known to have a non-slip quality. Penny round tile fits the build with its high friction capability. Since penny round tiles are small, an abundance of them is used throughout the entire floor structure. Each tile is surrounded by a grout joint. This is where its non-slip quality comes into play. With a lot of grout joints, you’ll be easily able to move around your bathroom without slipping.

3- Fits Curving

Most bathrooms will have some sort of odd curving angles somewhere throughout the room’s structure, such as around the tub or shower. With traditional tiles, it can be challenging to cut an exact curve to make it look overly appealing. With penny round tiles, they can be curved very easily because of the size of the tiles. Smaller tiles are easier when it comes to making a curve as compared to cutting one large tile to fit the same curved area.

4- It’s Affordable

When it comes to cost-effective design solutions for your bathroom, penny round tile is a clear winner. This type of tiling is very cheap compared to other ceramic tiles on the market today. Even better, it’s more readily available than some other tiling options. This means that your local store will be more likely to carry an abundance of penny round tile options as compared to other tile designs.

5- Easy to Install

Another great benefit of opting to use penny round tiles over other options on the market today is that penny round are much easier to install. Due to their small size, they very rarely need to be cut to be put in place. Your installer can simply cut the mesh sheeting that holds the various tiles together, so they’ll never have to use a wet saw or other cutting option. With an easier installation, you’ll pay less money because your contractor will need fewer tools and less labor to get the job done.

Penny round tiles have been a longtime design favorite for many homebuilders. Its small size coupled with its easy installation makes it an affordable and beautiful option for any homeowner. If it’s time to replace your bathroom floor, then consider using penny round tiles.

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