6 Design Ideas for Redoing a Powder Room on a Budget

6 Design Ideas for Redoing a Powder Room on a Budget

The powder room may be the tiniest but most frequented room in your home. This room plays a vital role in serving your guests and family and should be kept looking presentable. Some design ideas to help bring class and beauty to the small space include;

1- Hang Designer Wallpaper

The right selection of wallpaper can quickly bring life into your powder room. Think of floral, multi-colored dots, modern geometry, coastal, decorative leaves, vintage graffiti, farmhouse, or animal wallpapers. 

On average, it takes about three double rolls of wallpaper for a standard powder room. However, consult with your installer if you are unsure about the dimensions and available roll sizes for an accurate estimate.

2- Choose Good Lighting

Light plays a major role, especially in powder rooms, because most tend to be small in size. Light affects the appearance, mood, and overall impact on the eyes. Excessively bright lamps are harsh on the eyes, while dim light affects visibility. A soft, warm, ambient light placed near the mirror creates an illusion of a big room and sets a relaxed mood.

3- Select the Right Vanity and Sink

The powder room has space constraints, and you do not want the sink to be the point of focus. Consider a wall-mounted or pedestal sink to maximize space.

It is ideal for you to select a floating vanity or curved vanity to create the illusion of a vast room. A vanity made of exotic stone brings out a dazzling appearance. You can mount the sink under the vanity for an elegant and sculptural look.

4- Install Quality FLooring

The powder room floor is another key point you can use in your upgrade due to the small square footage. It is thus possible to use high-end flooring to make the space stand out.

Unlike the bathroom floors, the powder room has minimal exposure to water due to lack of a shower or a bathtub. This increases your flooring options as you can opt for wood, stone, or tile flooring. The wood floor will perfectly compliment mirrors with wooden frames.

5- Make a Statement with the Tapware

Modern, stylish tapware can complement the texture and colors in the guest bath. Fortunately, tapware is affordable and readily available at the local hardware.

The tapware’s style, shape, and sheen are all it takes to bring out a bold statement. Brushed brass creates a sense of warmth in the room, while matte black contrasts well with white wallpapers. Your choice must be stylish but without compromising the ease of use.

6- Upgrade the Mirror

Decorative mirrors help to bring extra glam to the powder room. Nonetheless, not every decorative mirror will do. It needs to be inch-perfect and proportionate to the size of the vanity. Mount the mirror five inches off the sink, above the faucet, and anywhere above four inches from the floor. Round mirrors complement pedestal sinks and bring a soft appeal to the space.

The powder room is not just any other space within your home. Most people who visit your home are likely to use it. Sprucing it up with the design ideas above is essential to make it stand out.

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