5 Innovative Tips for Car Stickers and Graphics To Promote Your Local Business

Local businesses wanting to promote their brand and products or services can make the best use of car stickers. With vehicle wraps or graphics, service providers, real estate firms, and small enterprises can transform their vehicles into powerful advertising tools or mobile billboards without creating a dent in their wallets. Your business marketing tactics using car stickers is the best way to attract audience attention. 

According to an article published in Forbes, your business branding must tell your customers what your company is all about and what your values are. Therefore, if you need maximum brand exposure within your budget, here are five creative ways to use car stickers to promote your local business:

1. Make sure you have a definite goal

First, you need to understand what your business goal is and then design your car graphics accordingly. Do you want to generate more traffic to your website? If so, include your website address and logo in the vehicle decal so that interested buyers can visit your site to look for your product or service offerings. If it is about creating brand awareness, integrate your logo, tagline, and message in the decal design. 

2. Include OR codes to your vehicle sticker

Most businesses believe that their vehicle campaigns are like mobile billboards, however, customers might like your car sticker even when it is parked onsite at some job or outside a commercial building. That is why integrating QR codes into the sticker design is an effective way to motivate people to pay attention to your car decals. It helps in leaving an impactful impression than just watching your vehicle speed past commuters on the road. 

3. Use images but in moderation 

You can use images or pictures in your car stickers provided you use them in the right context or perspective. Then, avoid including too many images in your vehicle decals. Promotion of your business through car decal campaigns is about branding and therefore, use images of your logo and brand colors effectively for maximum exposure. 

4. Use concise messages 

Your targeted customers should not struggle too hard to understand your brand message. Therefore, keep it concise and simple. Vehicle graphics are not like print advertising where readers get enough time to understand the brand message. Therefore, you need to get to the point quickly, avoid using bullet points, and unwanted visual clutter in your decal design. Use crisp text, readability, and contrasting colors instead for maximum brand visibility. 

5. Include a call-to-action

Make your vehicle decal campaign more effective with the use of call-to-action or some special message for your audiences. You need to think of some specific brand message so that onlookers can see your decal design and take some action like visiting your website or calling you for more product details. It will help you ascertain how many people are responding to your car decals. You can use a CTA like “Mention this decal ad to receive a 5 percent discount.” Such CTAs are effective and easy to understand. 


Now that you have these car design tips handy, they will help you to promote your local business and generate leads. Choose the right design and color to make your marketing efforts bear fruit. 

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