How to Deep Condition Hair

It seems as if dry hair is always a problem. During the summer, sun dries out hair causing split ends and fly-aways. In the winter, the wind and home heaters cause the same issues.

So how do you keep your hair looking great year-round? Deep conditioning. Deep conditioning allows products to sink deeply into those locks to moisturize and protect hair against damaging heat.

When you deep condition your hair, you must do so correctly to get optimal results. Here are the techniques you should be integrating into your deep conditioning routine.

6 Steps to Deep Conditioning Your Hair at Home

Find the Right Conditioner

It’s important to find a product that works for your hair type. If your hair is thick, curly, or kinky, you’ll need a conditioner that penetrates deeply. If your hair is thin, you’ll want one that doesn’t weigh it down and eliminate volume.  

Shampoo Your Hair

Before conditioning, shampoo your hair with a product that is free of sulfates and other harmful chemicals that can strip your hair of its natural oils.

Apply the Conditioner

Squeeze a quarter sized dollop of conditioner onto your hands and rub your hands together. Then start halfway down the shaft of your hair rubbing the conditioner in working towards the tips. Spread what remains on your hands from the roots to the tips. Use a comb to work the conditioner through the hair if necessary.

Apply More Conditioner if Needed

During this step, it’s important to pay close attention to the tips, the driest part of the hair. Don’t over condition the roots which tend to have a higher oil content, or they will become greasy.

Let the Product Set In

Now let the conditioner sink into your hair. Leave it on for 10 minutes to 30 minutes. The longer you leave it on, the better.

You may want to wear a shower cap while the conditioner is soaking in. This will keep it from getting everywhere and it will help the strands absorb the moisture. Applying heat via a hair dryer will also help the conditioner sink in.


Rinse your hair using cool water. Water that is too hot will strip your hair of the oil negating some of your conditioning efforts.

Wait a few days before shampooing again to allow the conditioner to keep doing its work.

What Conditioner Should I Buy?

There are many conditioners on the market but it’s important to find a brand that’s right for you. Choose a product that doesn’t contain damaging chemicals and is made for your hair type. Natural Healthy Concepts carries a wide variety of conditioners that foot the bill.

Natural Healthy Concepts is an online retailer that sells all-natural health products. They offer extensive conditioner choices that are known for their high quality, pure, potent ingredients. Shop brands like 100% Pure, Desert Essence, Avalon Organics, and more.

When it comes to fighting dryness, your hair needs all the help it can get. A deep condition is necessary in keeping it moisturized and looking great. What are some of your hair care secrets?

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