5 Items to Always Keep in Your Car

Driving is undoubtedly the best way to explore the United States, but it can also quickly become dangerous if you don’t prepare yourself. Preparing for a road trip involves packing your items, but you should also make sure that you know what 5 things are necessary to always have in your car.

1. A Portable Charger

With everyone having their cell phones with them at all times these days, being prepared with an external charger is important. This device can give 5-7 full charges on most phone models before needing to be charged itself so you will never have to worry about running out of power again.

2. Jumper Cables

Having jumper cables is essential when something goes wrong with your car’s battery so being able to help other drivers on the road is a great thing. It’s also smart to have these cables in case you yourself need some help with your battery and need to get a jump start from another vehicle passing by.

3. Flashlight

This tool can save you in so many situations. Having a flashlight means that you’ll always be able to change a flat tire at night or unlock your car door if the lock stops working while you’re still inside. With newer cars, this problem becomes less common, but it is still a good idea to carry a flashlight with you anyway just in case.

4. Extra Water and Blankets

Driving across the United States involves long periods of time on the road during all types of weather conditions, but it is important to make sure you have a few items in your car with you at all times. This includes a gallon of water and 2 blankets for both yourself and any passengers that might be traveling with you.

5. Maps

Being able to figure out where you are while driving is essential, which is why having a map or GPS system on hand is always helpful. Even if your cell phone plan has unlimited data access for maps, it’s still smart to have a printed map in your car for emergencies.

Having 5 things in your car is one of the most basic forms of preparation for any road trip or journey, but not having any of these 5 items could mean disaster on the road. If something goes wrong, make sure you have all 5 of these items with you at all times to ensure safety during travel. Valley Collision can provide you with any type of collision service needed so you will always have someone to turn to if something goes wrong with your vehicle. Visit their website today at www.valleycollision.com.

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