6 Unique Items to Give as Favors to Wedding Guests

If your wedding is coming up, and you don’t have any favors for your guests, there are plenty of things you can do to make them feel special. From getting them a gift certificate to a custom-made ornament, there are many ways to show your guests that you care about them. Here are six unique items to give as favors to wedding guests.

1. Custom Ornaments

You can buy custom ornaments for unique wedding guests. For example, if you and your significant other love to play the guitar, you could design and give a custom ornament featuring a guitar design. Another idea would be to feature an ornament with your wedding date on it. This will be a wedding favor that your wedding guests will be able to use for years and years and always be a reminder of your wedding date.

2. Erickson Design Custom Popcorn Boxes

Erickson design custom popcorn boxes are special favor that you can give to your wedding guests. If you have an usher or other staff members responsible for making sure everyone has popcorn before the ceremony, you could get them a personalized popcorn box. This is a nice way to show your guests that they are essential to you, and it’s also a fun favor for them to take home as well.

3. Minted Merlot Dip-Dyed Favor Boxes

Having a Minted Merlot Dip-Dyed Favor Boxes at your wedding venue, you can make these special favor boxes for your guests. This is a fun idea for reception because it lets you include some more subtle wedding details. For example, you could have a box with silver and white petals on it. Or maybe there are several different colored ribbons in the box. All of these small details help to make this favor unique, and special.

4. Zazzle Personalized Wine Label

Zazzle Personalized Wine Label wine is a wedding favor that is often overlooked by couples. However, it’s essential for people who are hosting the wedding. This is why we love Zazzle – you can create personalized wine labels for your guests to take home with them. You could use a photograph of the couple, or perhaps use a picture of the venue. You could also include their names on the label so that they can never forget that you cared about them enough to send them home with a bottle of wine.

5. Paper Blast Store Tic Labels

This is a unique favor that you can give to your wedding guests. As you may know, Paper blast store Tic labels are a popular favorite for weddings. However, if you have an outdoor wedding, you may want to consider something different. You could get your wedding guests some personalized Tic-Tac labels that they can take home with them. These labels would make great favors for a summer wedding, or even a rustic fall wedding as well.

6) Levain Bakery Cookies

Levain bakery cookies have a wide variety of desserts that you can give to your wedding guests. However, if you want to make this favor special, you could get some cookies handmade by the company itself. Levain is known for its fantastic gourmet baked goods, and a wedding guest favor of these cookies would be a real treat.

There are many different ways to give wedding favors that will truly make your guests happy. Whether you want to give your wedding guests something that they can use every day, or something more traditional or unique.

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