5 Tips for Choosing the Right Fencing for a Horse Pasture

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Fencing for a Horse Pasture

Fencing a horse pasture is a good move because it keeps your horse safe. A good fence protects the animal from leaving the pasture. It also keeps the horse safe from injuries or attacks within the pasture’s perimeter. Therefore, you should look at all these factors when choosing the barrier. Some important factors to consider include its make material’s durability, the ability to keep your horse safe, and your budget.

1- Look at the Height

Height is an important factor to consider when choosing a fence for a horse pasture. It ensures that your animal is safe within the perimeter. In addition, if you get the size right, you will have peace of mind even when you are away from the pasture.

When thinking about height, go for something that keeps your horse inside the perimeter. For example, an ideal height would be 1.2 meters. However, you may have to go for 1.4 meters if your horse constantly jumps obstacles or the pasture is adjacent to a busy road.

2- Consider the Smoothness

If you select a fence with sharp parts such as nails or wood chips, then you are endangering your horse’s life. Such sharp parts will loosen and will end up hurting your horse. Instead, it is advisable to go for a smooth fence with no visible nails, connectors, and other sharp points. This ensures that your animal is well protected from injuries or mortal wounds.

3- Focus on Visibility

Do you want to keep your beloved horse safe at all times? Then go for a visible fence – more preferably a wooden one. Such a fence can be easily seen, and if the animal becomes startled on the field, it won’t run straight through it. On the other hand, if you install a wire fence, the horse might run through it and end up hurt. Therefore, go with an option that the animal can spot with ease. It is an effective way of protecting the horse from injuries.

4- Emphasize the Durability

Choosing a durable fence for a horse pasture is the best choice you will ever make. A durable fence serves you for a long time. It helps you save money, eliminating the stress of having to replace the barrier every few months.

When shopping for a durable material for a horse pasture fence, look for pine softwood or tropical hardwood. Either option makes for a long-lasting foundation for the pasture. When maintained well, it could serve you for up to 30 years.

5- Consider Your Budget

When choosing the right fence for a horse pasture, you should consider the budget. You should ensure that you get your money’s worth when buying the barrier. Therefore, go for a high-quality fence with desirable qualities such as durability, height, versatility, and strength. That way, you won’t have to get a new fence in a few months.

As you have seen, a horse pasture is as good as the perimeter fence around it. With a good fence, you won’t have to worry about your animal leaving the field even when you are away. Besides, you will be assured of the animal’s safety within the pasture. Therefore, you should go for a high-quality fence with smooth surfaces. It should also be made using a durable material to ensure that it lasts long.

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