Author Spotlight: Isabel Cintra

Isabel Cintra is a children’s author who writes about themes circling acceptance, diversity, and representation. Cintra’s books are commonly presented in fantasy, magic, and fairy tales. Her most recent work titled The Sweetest Ladybug talks about an inventive, carefree little girl and her journey unraveling the mysteries of their garden as she became small because of magical cricket.

Isabel Cintra grew up in São Joaquim da Barra, a small town in the interior of São Paulo, Brazil. At a young age, Isabel already dove into the magical world of literature during her days at elementary school. Cintra is a student with a passion for writing classes, grammar, and words. Once a shy girl with a head full of thoughts, but without courage for such—but now she’s able to share to the world her vision and dreams that can be seen throughout her books.

Cintra has always dreamt of seeing what she believed was the “right to normality” in children’s stories and fairy tales. “Why not, an enchanted princess who looks like me?” Cintra has a vision of an enchanted princess who looked like her.Isabel strives to promote diversity, and her books are a great way to introduce the kids to a world where diversity is seen as beautiful and important. That black people can be main characters in books too, that thought has always been on Cintra’s mind, she just needs to move it into paper.

Cintra believes that books are windows to the world, and she wishes to give children of color an opportunity to see themselves in books and stories. People of color are well represented in her books, as someone who grew up in Brazil, Cintra hopes for more representation, by presenting characters to who children of color can relate. Cintra also mentioned that she aims for her books to broaden the perspective of all children by honing a child’s sense of empathy, promoting acceptance and connection with all.  Most of her books have themes revolving around fantasy, diversity, and fairytales.

Cintra’s well-thought books are put to life by her brother Zeka Cintra, who is responsible for the vibrant and beautiful illustrations of her books. Zeka Cintra holds a degree in Fine Arts from the São Luis de Jaboticabal School of Education (SP) – Brazil. Ever since he was a child, Zeka liked to draw on any surface he found in front: walls, sidewalks, on the covers of his mother’s recipe books, sheets lined with his school notebook, and more. You can find Zeka Cintra on Instagram

Some of Isabel Cintra’s books that are currently published under Underline Publishing LLC include Nzinga, The Great Little Tailor, The Princess, and the Mirror, The Sweetest Ladybird, and Corvo-Correio. Her work Corvo-Correio was a winner of  2017 Off Flip Literature Price in Brazil. She currently lives in Sweden, with her husband and two daughters.

You can check out her books at Amazon For more information about Isabel Cintra, you can visit her website, or find her on Facebook and Instagram.

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