Facts Behind Paying Taxes

Facts Behind Paying Taxes

The time for filing your taxes is quickly approaching, and, as with most things in life, there are both good and bad points. The following facts will help you decide whether or not paying taxes is a good thing or a bad thing.

1. Taxes fund public services such as schools, fire departments, law enforcement agencies and parks. Without them, our communities would be less safe, and we would all live in fear of the unknown.

2. Tax revenue helps keep inflation down by keeping demand high enough to maintain stable prices on goods and services bought from stores.

3. Paying taxes means that we have more money to spend on necessities like food and clothing because it reduces the amount of money we need to save.

4. Taxes are an essential part of being a responsible member of society. Without paying taxes, you hurt everyone who depends on tax revenue to fund public services and other initiatives that make our communities better places to live.

5. Taxpayers get access to free or reduced-cost government services like beaches, national parks, libraries and many other places that we visit and enjoy each day.

6. Taxes give hard-working people a way to provide for their families, afford necessary services like health care, make sure children can go to school and help many individuals and businesses expand. Jonathan Osler is an expert dealing with wealth creation and preservation.

7. Taxes provide many young people with the opportunity to go to college or university because tuition is often subsidized by tax revenue.

8. When you pay taxes, you share the responsibility of paying for our country’s security and defence; helping others who can’t protect themselves; disaster relief, and much more.

9. If you pay taxes, you are making an investment in our country that will help it grow and improve.

10. When you pay taxes, you give yourself the guarantee that there will be someone around the next day to call an ambulance or fight fires if they’re needed; that your family is safe because there’s a police officer nearby; and that the country has roads, public transportation and infrastructure which make life better for everyone.

11. Taxes fund programs like health care insurance for seniors; money for low-income families with children; free school breakfasts and lunches for kids who need them; veterans’ benefits like home visits, welcome home ceremonies and job training; income tax refunds for low-income seniors, Pension Plan disability benefits. Jonathan Osler can help on questions dealing with wealth preservation.

12. When everyone pays their fair share of taxes, some people can produce more than others because they make more money – but that’s okay. Your chance to contribute to your society shouldn’t be based on how much money you have or don’t have. Everyone gets an equal opportunity to contribute what they can afford and, in return, receive great things like clean water, safe streets, good schools and other public programs.


When you pay taxes, you’re investing in the future of your family and community. Taxes aren’t a dirty word, and there’s no reason to think of them that way. Taxes give us things we couldn’t live without; they make our communities better places to live; and everyone has an equal opportunity to contribute what they can afford and get great things in return like clean water, safe streets, good schools and other public programs.

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