7 Reasons Children Should Start with a Prepaid Mobile Phone

7 Reasons Children Should Start with a Prepaid Mobile Phone

Being a kid should be worry-free and filled with fun. In fact, children can avoid the many responsibilities of adulthood by opting for a prepaid phone. For instance, they won’t have to concern themselves with unnecessary expenses and all of the other complications of other phone plans. Consider a few reasons why this is often true.

They Can Learn Personal Responsibility

Kids who keep a prepaid mobile phone can learn the value of responsibility by staying within data and texting minutes. Besides this, they have to make sure not to lose it, keep it clean and prevent it from breaking. Teaching them to be responsible now can help them be more responsible adults.

Parents Can Stay in Touch with Them

Probably the number one reason to give your kid a prepaid phone is for their own safety. After all, any number of accidents and other problems can happen when you’re not there. For example, they could be stuck in a school shooting situation, be lost in the middle of nowhere or maybe they broke a leg. Consequently, not knowing where they are can be frightening. Having a constant connection to them at all times can make life a little bit easier.

Start with Training Wheels

Having a prepaid phone can be similar to using training wheels for a bicycle. At first, the training wheels can simplify the process of bike riding. After a kid has learned the basics, he or she can take the extra wheels off. Starting with a simple prepaid phone can make it easier for kids to be more responsible later on.

Avoid Extra Charges

Since prepaid phones can be highly affordable, parents can also avoid extra charges that may arise. Further, they can have a certain monthly limit of data and texting, so parents don’t have to worry about overage charges. Plus, no credit check is required for this type of plan.

They Can Connect Better with Friends

While it’s important that kids learn to never give in to peer pressure, as long as their friends have the best of intentions in mind, it can be fun for them to have cell phones. They can stay connected and maybe even form a closer bond. Moreover, parents can recall those times when they wanted to fit in with their friends as children. Indeed, parents might want to question whether sometimes being overprotective might be a bad thing.

Losing the Phone is Less of a Problem

To illustrate, if the kids lose an expensive smartphone, any parent might become frustrated. On the bright side, losing a less expensive prepaid phone won’t be as much of a problem. In this case, the parents didn’t lose as large of an investment.

They Don’t Need the Complications

Kids need to be kids while they can. They don’t need a flashy cell phone with bells and whistles. They’re too busy spending time with friends, finishing homework and playing with pets. Parents who make smart choices can worry less about their children’s futures.

Of course, kids usually won’t be ready for a higher priced cell phone plan until they get older. For now, it’s important to their personal happiness to allow them to just be children. But they might enjoy immersing themselves in all of the benefits a prepaid phone has to offer.

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