4 Easy Tips for Finding a Plastic Surgeon in Your Area

4 Easy Tips for Finding a Plastic Surgeon in Your Area

Surgery has advanced immensely from only being a treatment and reconstructive procedure to one that now also includes cosmetic procedures. Plastic surgeons come in handy in performing cosmetic procedures, such as a nose job, to improve or change your appearance, helping you feel more confident and satisfied with your looks. Unlike several decades ago, many people now embrace cosmetic surgery as an effective way of changing their bodily features. However, it is a challenging and sensitive undertaking and it is best to be cautious about who and where you get such services from. Here are useful tips to help you locate a plastic surgeon near your area.

1. Make use of referrals. Getting information from persons who have had previous experience of cosmetic surgery is great for finding a surgeon. A person with such testimony can provide you with valuable recommendations and enlighten you about the surgeon’s style and approach. Having a personal encounter with someone who has undergone a similar surgery will not only offer you additional insight but also be an influential case study. It is also reasonable if you get referrals from people you can trust, like family and close friends.

2. Look up on the web. The internet has proved repeatedly to be a reliable source of information and can help you find a plastic surgeon or a cosmetic surgery facility near you. You can access the American Board of Cosmetic Surgeons website to locate a surgeon in your locality. Some of the information you might find on the internet includes a surgeon’s name and their specialization, name of their facility, professional addresses, and cosmetic procedures available in the facility. It will also help you a great deal to read through online reviews and testimonials of the prospective facility. Before you schedule an appointment with any surgeon, you’ll want to first find out whether they have accreditation from the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

3. Inquire from a facility near you. While you are in town, take notice of billboards and banners with special interest to terms like ‘cosmetic center’, ‘sculpting center’, ‘aesthetic care’ and ‘medical spa’. Make inquiries with these facilities and they are likely to point you to a plastic surgeon. If you are inside a cosmetic surgery facility, vet it to ensure it has state licensure and other accreditation such as:

•    American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities

•    Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations

•    Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Healthcare

4. Consider the surgeon’s personality. Any surgery is delicate and while undergoing such a procedure you deserve a polite, helpful and skilled surgeon. Be wary of red flags while talking to your potential surgeon. If a surgeon seems hasty most of the time, presses you towards a particular operation, and is always delegating tasks, beware. Surgery will present you with positives and potential negatives. It is unrealistic for a surgeon to only discuss pros while leaving out the cons; this attempt by a surgeon points to dishonesty on their part. If a potential surgeon sounds more like a salesperson than a doctor to you, then that is your wake-up call to look elsewhere as they are not the perfect surgeon for you.

Whether you are planning to have a reconstructive or cosmetic procedure, consider services from a genuine and qualified plastic surgeon. Being patient and understanding the right mechanisms of finding a suitable surgeon will pay off with a smooth and uncomplicated plastic surgery.

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