8 Common Products that Use Seals and Edge Trims

8 Common Products that Use Seals and Edge Trims

Seals and edge trims offer a protective and decorative edge or fill or seal space between two surfaces. They are used in products such as windows, machine guards, car doors, and boats. When choosing these materials, one looks at specifications like operating temperature, grip size, and materials.

1- Recreational Vehicle Compartment Seals

Recreational vehicle owners use edge trims on the bottom of their RVs to prevent dust and dirt from leaking into the interior. They do this by using a trim seal that fills in any small spaces between the bottom of the RV and the ground below it.

2- Tool Boxes

Many portable tool boxes use a trim seal inserted inside the top of the box for extra grip. This way, when you open up your toolbox, you will not have to worry about it flying out of your hands and onto the ground below.

3- Winter Equipment

Edge trims are used on snowboards and skis to ensure a better grip. This is especially necessary when going down a large hill because you could easily slip and fall off of these surfaces if they do not have trim seals installed on them.

4- Window Frames

Many stores use edge trims to cover up the holes created after a window has been broken by vandals or strong winds. People should not be able to see inside the store because it puts them at risk for theft. Edge trims are also used on doors and windows that you do not want to seal completely (such as a window or door that you want the rain to come through).

It can be used on door frames that are exposed to the weather and on indoor applications that need to be sealed. Trim seals are used primarily for decoration purposes. They come in a wide variety of colors, materials, and shapes.

5- Car Exterior Finishing Trim Seals

Trim seals can be found outside your car on the surfaces that connect to other parts of your car. This is usually found on bumpers, doors, or any exterior part of a vehicle that joins with another surface. These materials are used to provide grip when opening and closing these parts.

6- Machine Guards

Many manufacturing machines have edge trims applied to them for safety purposes. This prevents anyone from getting their hands or arms caught in the machine while it is running. This is an essential part of any manufacturing process and should never be skipped or ignored when designing a product that uses a manufacturing machine.

7- Boats

Edge trims are used on boats for decoration purposes, but they also help prevent damage from occurring to your boat when it bumps into docks, rocks, and other boats. Edge trims can also be found on the bottom of a boat to prevent dirt and other debris from leaking into your RV’s interior.

8- Storage Containers

Many companies that produce storage containers add a trim seal to the inside of the container to add grip. This way, when you open your toolbox or other storage containers, it will not fly out of your hands and onto the ground below.

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