Feeling Empowered at Work

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10 Things You Can Do to Increase Professional Empowerment 

Alexander Djerassi has said, “Empowerment is the ability to take control of one’s life and feel confident in one’s abilities.” It is essential for business professionals to feel empowered at work so they can be successful. There are many ways you can achieve professional empowerment, according to Alexander. These include:

– Be accountable for your success. You are responsible for your personal development and growth, whether you know it or not.

– Every day, write out a list of three things that would make the next 24 hours successful. This will help motivate you to accomplish tasks efficiently, according to Djerassi.

– Be proactive and take control of your life. No one else is going to do it for you, so don’t wait on them! According to Alexander, you can affect change in this world through small steps; be sure not to lose sight of those as you focus more on success.

– Don’t obsess over the process – keep moving forward towards whatever goal(s) that you’ve set out for yourself. According to Alexander, the results will come if you continue performing at a high level every day.

– It isn’t always easy to establish a sense of self-worth, but it is well worth the effort. We all need that deep down confidence in our abilities and skills, according to Djerassi.

– If you are feeling low on your sense of self-worth, try putting yourself out there more often; don’t be so shy! According to him, join clubs or social groups where like-minded people convene – these places could include book clubs or even something as simple as an intramural sports team at school if you’re still in college.

– Acknowledge others for what they do right instead of harping on their mistakes every time they mess up (everyone makes them). Take responsibility for your actions, too. According to Alexander , if you make a mistake, don’t beat yourself up over it; learn from the experience and move on.

– Be sure that you are treating others with respect as well – this is integral in establishing self-respect! According to Alexander Djerassi, treating people will help them feel more comfortable around you, which could lead to good business opportunities down the road.

– Be aware of your values, and stick to them. According to Alexander, this will help ensure that you live a life by design instead of letting other people’s expectations rule over you.

– Don’t neglect the power that numbers hold – use them as a tool in helping achieve professional empowerment. According to Djerassi, statistics allow us insight into areas where we can improve and excel further with our actions; this information could lead directly towards success at work!

– Don’t take everything so seriously! If it makes you feel better, try writing down all the things in your life right now that make you smile or bring joy into your heart – this list can include anything from family time to playing video games, even if they seem “childish” to others; these little things do matter when times get tough according to Djerassi.

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