8 Tips for Buying a Wind Chime for Your Backyard

8 Tips for Buying a Wind Chime for Your Backyard

Talk about elevating your outdoor space; wind chimes add unique beauty and elegant sound to your property. These lovely decorations provide delicate music as the wind blows through them whether they’re placed in the garden, on the deck or a balcony, on a porch, or in a favorite backyard spot.

1. A Preferred Tone

With the hollow sound of bamboo, the delicate ting of metal, the tinkling of glass or tubes that are musically scaled, there are wonderful options when it comes to choosing a wind chime for your property.

We all have individual tastes, and you can find the ideal wind chime that speaks to you. Listen to a variety of them, and then, choose your favorite sound.

2. A Unique Environment

Where you live and the kind of weather your area receives is another point to consider when purchasing a wind chime. Look for durable materials that can stand up to the environment, but also remove these decorations if severe weather hits such as a bitter snowstorm, and secure them in a safe place.

Some wind chimes feature protective finishes to ward off corrosion that can develop due to salty air or acid rain.

3. Some Hanging Options

Think out of the box on where to display one.

For example, some folks like to use a shepherd’s hook for placing their wind chime in a garden to give it unique visibility.

Others enjoy hanging their wind chime from a tree branch or even from the eves of their home.

There are those who enjoy placing a wind chime by the breezeway of their house and people who even hang them from their doorknobs. There aren’t any set rules.

4. A Decorative Theme

Sometimes, you just need a certain wind chime because you adore its particular theme. Again, you have tons of cool options.

If you’re into the sun, moon, and stars, you can find a large variety of wind chimes that feature these classic designs.

There are animal-inspired wind chimes and those with a nautical or island theme, a spiritual design, religious theme, hobbies, and recreational theme, and the list goes on.

5. An Ideal Color

Maybe it’s the color of a wind chime that draws you in along with its delicate melody. These beautiful, outdoor decorations can boast vibrant hues and look like artistic masterpieces.

A capiz wind chime in a rainbow of colors can be a striking piece to enhance your landscape as it reflects the light from the sun.

6. Tube Number Harmony

Each wind chime offers a special method for making its musical magic. When it comes to one designed with tubes, it’s the number of tubes that determines the number of notes the wind chime can produce.

Multi-tubes can create more sounds and more harmonies while those with fewer tubes will produce a smaller range of well-tuned sounds.

7. Long Or Short

Here’s another interesting tip. Shorter wind chimes will elicit higher-pitched tones.

Wind chimes that are longer in length will perform in an opposite way and deliver lower and fuller tones.

8. And Just Because

For fans of wind chimes, it’s all about the vibe. Many enjoy the peaceful tranquility these gorgeous outdoor decorations can produce, and that’s the ultimate pleasure of listening to a wind chime in your backyard. That’s reason enough.

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